kpop equation, just a thought!

NOTE: The whole thing's just a product of my imagination! Hide your pitchforks and blood letters please. Thank you!

I know fangirls will kill me with this thought and I could have killed my own self when I realized that at the back of my brain, I got this formula:


I am ultimately not liking the combination but when I saw Taeyang's werewolf-ness in the ILL BE THERE MV, it stroked me that much more than any Physics or Trigonometry formula and I swear, this was the first thing on my mind! What's happening to me??????!!!!!!

I was equating WEREWOLF TO JACOB before. Then I saw the werewolf taeyang, so it's TAEYANG TO WEREWOLF.. and the whole thing sums up to TAEYANG TO JACOB! But of course, I would choose Taeyang to rip up my flesh til he sees my bones and liver. I would still choose his abs over Jacob's because I think Taeyang's abs are way finer and choosing his gets you a sexy bonus, his arm veins and cute nipples.

and TOP as Edward, YES, though I know Top's way hotter than Edward and his stare could kill more fangirls than Edward's glittery body and white fangs. Top could rock the role. He just needs to get rid of his mighty IRIS guns, bold and big rings, and cool shades then start covering himself with so much pale powder and go bitching over the kpop Bella--- Dara.

As much as I don't want her to be Bella or to be anyone on a film or MV related to Taeyang, my mind can't think of any other girl who will fit the role well. Main reason why my brain's picking her is that she had already flirted with these boys on MVs. So why not make here the lucky loner who gets the attention of two hot kpop men?

FINAL NOTE: This will not happen and if it will, I HOPE NOT!

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