kpop confession #1


This is the only video to date that could make me do those cutie little fangirl screams, which I don't usually do, with my hands clasped on my cheeks. It's true! It's like my hands and mouth would come to life when I play this vid and during those 'fangirl / hot-men-on-my-screen' moments, they would automatically do their fangirl jobs without even me knowing.Way weirder than having a lost spirit on my body.

This performance vid is one of my treasured kpop videos that I'm keeping in forever. I don't care much now if these men have overly extended and divided lower lashes. For the 23454624th time of watching this vid, I totally got used to it, but amazingly, I still have the fangirl hype everytime this is played. These men's grinding, their worth-to-worshipped arm muscles, the kneeling moves, throwing of mic stands everywhere, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I-S J-U-S-T H-O-T!

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