JSYK (I want a .... after I graduate)

 Let's just say I'm overthinking things AGAIN. But this time, I'm not worried nor scared of anything that might happen. I'm overthinking things, things that I'll probably buy by the time I get my pays for my job. Yes, I'm already on this level. This thinking is prolly something good, it would inspire me push harder and be studious for my last year in college. I am still a stud until March of next year, yet I'm already having this mind trolley where I'll put all the things (tangible ones) from my wish list that I wanna buy when I get stable and somehow be financially capable enough to get these. The majorly expensive ones on my mind trolley would be a car and a house, which among others, are the hardest to get and will require me to save just enough for me not to get those other inexpensive things on my wishlist.

here are just a few of my mind trolley goodies..
  • tattoo
It's always been my dream to get inked. I mean, not that I'll be inked on all parts of my body, but even just on one part of mine will do. Either on the nape, so just in case I'm not on the mood of showing my tat, I could just cover it with my hair, or on my left hand just right below my thumb. Design? I still dunno, prolly a star or something representing fame and fortune! LOL

  • not-so-bedish bed by the window
When I get my house done, I want a bed somehow the same as this. A bed that's not much bed-looking yet still is a bed, and that is just beside a giant window. So when it rains so hard, I can see the raindrops outside even if I'm just horizontally comfortable on my bed.

  • trip to Europe
another hard-on-the-pocket wish but why not?! Europe's culture is obviously different from Asia's and that basically is the reason why I wanna go there. Something new, something different, something I'm curious of. I just don't like to think of the language barrier thou. tsktsktsk

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