JSYK (childhood idol groups)

bringing back those innocent days..
  • Power Rangers
I could still remember asking my mother to wake me up 10 or 11 in the evening just to watch these life-savers' show on Friday nights and crying out loud in the morning if my mother forgets to do so. That's how addicted I had become to these 5 multi-colored rangers! I wasn't growing up with Barbie and Barney.  I was never fond of Barbie dolls, or any doll of that sort. The only doll that I could ever remember that I had in my entire life was a clothless one with a messy hair and missing body parts, thanks so much to my clumsiness. What I had in my childhood are more of the educational stuff like a cassette tape of nursery rhymes that I kept on playing twice or thrice a week, and drawing/coloring books of Power Rangers or of some unknown cartoon characters. And seriously, I was even thankful about that, coz if I got fond of Barbie, it might be added to my I-want-to-collect-this list and that will surely hurt my pocket! Kpop fandom is enough for me, thank you very much!

Now, back to Power Rangers Show. The probable reason why I liked it is that the plot is just simple and repetitive. They have an enemy, they kill the enemy, the enemy gets 100x bigger than its actual size, they call their automobiles to form into one big robot, the robot finishes the enemy through a power sword slash. That's it, short & simple. No mind-puzzling plot, something my innocent mind could take! And the ironic thing is, I only understand a little of what these guys are saying since I wasn't in my learning-English days yet and that saucer-headed robot of theirs, I call it Ayayay instead of Alpha 5.
  • Westlife
Oh gawd, this group had prolly taught me how to be so crazy about fandom idols. If I had to thank someone or a group for waking up my fandom mind, then it has to be them! My admiration to Bigbang is nothing compared to my admiration to Westlife. SERIOUSLY!

Here's the deal. The fandom started when I was in Grade 5. I wasn't a fan of them yet but 2 of my friends were and I was hanging out with them all the time so I was able to get to know their likes, which include Westlife. Then I was listening to the boyband's songs, liking every single one of them. In short, I became a fan. And the story doesn't end there. We recruited 2 more friends to join us in our Westlife fandom and we decided to give each one of us a Westlife-member bias. Me, I got Bryan McFadden, and I was even pissed (yes, 5th graders get pissed too) when I knew that he's marrying a member of Atomic Kittens.

And to tell you what kind of a fan I had become, I made a music book purely dedicated to them containing their song lyrics and pictures, bought every songbook which contains their songs, asked my mom to buy me Westlife posters, and the worst thing, did fangirl screams everytime I see them on TV.

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