it was weird

I went out awhile ago with my friends to go ride bump cars and to do some videoke sessions. And when we we're leaving the mall, we rode on a bus going home and it wasn't an easy ride. We were standing the whole time coz the bus was already full. whew!

Anyway, there were these two women in their early-40s infront of me, technically in the front row of the row where I was standing who were talking about korean dramas. They were discussing about YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL being shown here in the country this month, ENDLESS LOVE, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, PERSONAL TASTE and alot more! They even talked about these k-men and their hotness, yes, WOMEN IN THEIR 40s. KPOP MEN. CHITCHAT.

I just then realized while I was having the whole trip that it's kinda awkward having other strangers talk about k-dramas or kpop. You're dying to butt in but you just don't have the gutts to do so coz you're abit shy and the whole thing would just result to you mind talking--it's like you're exchanging talks with them but all the things you're saying are just in your mind.

It was awkward and weird.

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