GP Basic - how old are they?

This will totally come as a surprise. I even surprised myself when I decided to blog about GP Basic. I don't know their names yet so my opinion is purely based on what I see and what I think about them. I first viewed their debut perf and my thoughts are just below this vid:

1. How old are they? SERIOUSLY?!
2. I didn't know kpop DOESN'T have any height requirement & age limit on all the kpop artists.
3. They're pretty cool and osm.
4. The cutest little rapper is adorable. I think her rapping & high voice combination is ironic but I'm liking it.
5. I thought before that I'm officially not liking artists/celebrities who are taking fandom more seriously than taking puberty. This group had proven me that all along, the problem's just Justin Bieber.

So yeah, I like them. I think imma give them a shot! Let's see if they can clutter my diskspace with their perfs and make me post some tweets relating to them.

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