give her a solo

Seriously, imma curse Glee if they will not give Heather Morris (Britanny) a solo in Season 2.. like SERIOUSLY!

I started liking her when I first saw her on Glee.. her funny dumb lines made me love her more. And it's just now that I knew that she was Beyonce's back-up dancer on a performance of Single Ladies and yes, she's totally a dancing machine, a sexy dancing machine. Now, I'm worshipping her..
oh, have I told you how sexy she is?!?!

Dear Heather/Britanny, 
                I totally envy your body, your dancing skills, and your flips and twirls. I even believed you when you said DOLPHINS ARE GAY SHARKS. Please do a solo this Season 2. I don't care about what you'll sing or dance, just have a solo.Thank You!

your worshipper, 

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