So I got some good taeyang lovin' from someone for my birth month..yes, it's SOLAR-- and I was totally hysterical when I was holding it, if you could have just seen my teary-eyed face and shaky hands!

To you my Italian PERVFRIEND, Val, who made the effort of sending me this little mushy Solar, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU <--- I think you know that already! love you!

*small present for you thou I know you've seen this already! LOL*


  1. *takes Sponge-TOP and runs away in joy* XD
    i am happy you liked it ! ^^


  2. *then I'll have my Taeyang Star in Hawaiian shorts* haha!

    anything from you makes me happy hun!

    *virtually hugs you even more*

  3. i really want a photo of your teary-eyed face and shaky hands!LOL

  4. if someone could have just took a vid of me while I was opening the package! haha!

    my classmates saw everything! they even told me those were the signs of an official die-hard fangirl!