JSYK (debut)

and I'll be featuring some JUST SO YOU KNOW (JSYK) posts starting NOW!
I think my blog needs some non-kpop air so I thought of maybe, I could make you get to know me more by posting things about ME!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. let's begin!
  • I wanna be a mermaid
yes, it was Little Mermaid that made me believe that pretty mermaids are real and Ursula can transform one into human. And it wasn't even hard for me to think that this villain with 8 tentacles can't not make me a mermaid, though it was hard for me to think of anything that I can give her in return. My voice sucks, and I haven't discovered anything wonderful about me yet!
I always have wondered how it feels to have a tail, swim as much as I want, breathe under water with no time pressure, have some fishes accompany me through my 'journey' in the deep places of the ocean and swim away from sharks trying to make me their dinner.

  • I love the city lights
 I find it weird coz majority of the people wants to live in the country and not in the city & I am totally the exact opposite. It's not that I don't wanna reside in the country, it's just that I prefer to be in the city, hear all the city noises and cab honks, see alot of people walking down the streets, live in a building that is beside other tall buildings, and have a fast-paced life.

  • I want to become a pastry chef
There's always this thing that we want to become but we just can't coz we decided to choose the 'other' path. I guess this is the road that I haven't taken but seriously, if given the chance, I would love to put up my own bakery, bake heavenly desserts, and satisfy my sweet gastronomic indulgence. 

  • Cold drinks-OK, hot-NOT SO
 I dunno if it's because my mother used to drink shakes when she was still carrying me or just because of the Philippine's hot climate, but cold drinks = personal love. Aside from the fact that they quench my thirst, they give me this feeling of comfort and contentment inside that makes me feel assured that I'll be better for the rest of the day. Sounds weird but it's true!

  • I want it to rain so hard
coz I feel peaceful with all the noisy and smashing-on-my-rooftop raindrops, and I have an excuse of just staying at home with a bowl of hot soup. This is the kind of day that I wanna have when I feel tired and messed up.

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