early goodbye drama

Aside from getting my Solar gift today, I went out with my college friends and spent some time with one another. It was weird coz while we were having some good laughs and crazy moments, I just realized that I only have less than a year (8 months to be exact) to spend with them (that is if I could graduate March of next year! Grant me this por favor! T__T) and after that little amount of time, we'll then go on our separate ways, into the real world. Time flies so fast, it seems like just this morning when I entered school for the very first time for my enrolment, and now, I'm about to say goodbye to these people who had made me happy and had cared for me like I am their true sister.

To Tiumpenz, I may not say this everyday or very often and if I ever say this to you, you might just see me joking or whatever, but seriously, I ♥ YOU and I am gonna be forever grateful for having you all in this wonderful journey! So before we say the hardest goodbyes, let's just try to spend time with one another and let's cherish every moment left as well so when it's time to go on our different paths, we'll have all these memories that we could remember forever!
PS. JOKE RA NI! HAHAHAAH di bitaw oi.. pagmuni2x na pud mo dira haron di ko kafeel nga ako ray nakafeel ani nga feeling!


  1. touched naman ako, pero makalagot lang, kausa ra ko migawas sa pictures, bati.. hahaha >_<

  2. haha! sagdi lang gud.. inig graduation nato, picture-an tika ug kaduha para ikaduha ka mogawas diri! haha!