If you happen to hate Jokwon, then I believe you're on person on earth who hates life, happiness, love, and khab dance. Jokwon's like the cutest k-guy ever in the history of KPOP. Hate him for giving you some pain in the head and heart regarding his real sexual preference but who the effin' cares? I wouldn't mind at all if he's gay or not. We'll, I would mind a bit coz I want him and Gain to be a couple for real. But if ever he's really gay, nothing will surely change! I will still be a fan.

When I was watching his perf, I seem to notice how cute he was. Added to the cuteness were his school boy outfit, hair, and voice. Of course I noticed his hip-shaking too. I would do simultaneous cartwheels on top of my roof if I haven't noticed it! I was smiling the whole time, especially when I saw Gain, she seems happy, and pretty as hell! Too bad Jokwon wasn't able to notice her. I can imagine now Jokwon and Gain doing mousefights over it!

coz Jokwon makes me smile, ALWAYS!

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