I Need GirlSSS!

You've become naughtier & naughtier with each performance Taeyang!
It would have been better if you did this and didn't stick with your apron top!
you failed me again with your outfit issues! tsktsktsk
But still, Im your obsessed & die-hard fan!

A pic taken just before smoke came out my nose and ears and 
left eyebrow heightened up til it reached the top of my forehead!

techy much?!

im not the only one!

Midterms this week.. great!


early goodbye drama

Aside from getting my Solar gift today, I went out with my college friends and spent some time with one another. It was weird coz while we were having some good laughs and crazy moments, I just realized that I only have less than a year (8 months to be exact) to spend with them (that is if I could graduate March of next year! Grant me this por favor! T__T) and after that little amount of time, we'll then go on our separate ways, into the real world. Time flies so fast, it seems like just this morning when I entered school for the very first time for my enrolment, and now, I'm about to say goodbye to these people who had made me happy and had cared for me like I am their true sister.

To Tiumpenz, I may not say this everyday or very often and if I ever say this to you, you might just see me joking or whatever, but seriously, I ♥ YOU and I am gonna be forever grateful for having you all in this wonderful journey! So before we say the hardest goodbyes, let's just try to spend time with one another and let's cherish every moment left as well so when it's time to go on our different paths, we'll have all these memories that we could remember forever!
PS. JOKE RA NI! HAHAHAAH di bitaw oi.. pagmuni2x na pud mo dira haron di ko kafeel nga ako ray nakafeel ani nga feeling!


So I got some good taeyang lovin' from someone for my birth month..yes, it's SOLAR-- and I was totally hysterical when I was holding it, if you could have just seen my teary-eyed face and shaky hands!

To you my Italian PERVFRIEND, Val, who made the effort of sending me this little mushy Solar, THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU <--- I think you know that already! love you!

*small present for you thou I know you've seen this already! LOL*


Apron is for cooking, Taeyang!

I don't know if you had some time pressure issues going on that's why you forgot to take off your apron after making some delicious kimchi but Taeyang, please, NEVER EVER dress this way again! It could have been more appropriate seeing you in a kitchen-designed stage, dancing to I NEED A GIRL, wearing ONLY that apron above your naked torso. It could have been more acceptable and hotter!



this week's kinda my off-limits-to-twitter-&-the-likes week coz I got 4 projects -- 1 fully finished, 1 finished with some little (meaning, hard to find) bugs, 1 finished yet needs to be redone, and 1 I am about to make-- that need my scholarly attention. Not just that, there's still this research proposal. I'm still waiting for my professor to approve that draft that I passed and if he'll say NO, then I need to redo the whole thing, ONCE AGAIN! Plus, next week = midterms. So yeah, I'm pretty screwed up!

JSYK (vintage)

  • Volkswagen bus
I want to ride one. Wait, not just ride, but own one. I dunno what pushed me to like it but everytime I see one, I always wish to sit on the driver's spot and drive this baby bus wherever I want to go -- country, beach, or even just from workplace to home. 

  • Victorian dress
I could prolly wear this only on costume parties or some Victorian-themed celebrations and I know for a fact that there's no one on her right mind who'll rock this one with no celebration at all esp with the weather condition here in the Philippines--You'll surely die wearing this. But seriously, I wanna go somewhere where wearing a Victorian dress rocks coz Victorian dresses for me are lovely and feminine.




JSYK (debut)

and I'll be featuring some JUST SO YOU KNOW (JSYK) posts starting NOW!
I think my blog needs some non-kpop air so I thought of maybe, I could make you get to know me more by posting things about ME!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. let's begin!
  • I wanna be a mermaid
yes, it was Little Mermaid that made me believe that pretty mermaids are real and Ursula can transform one into human. And it wasn't even hard for me to think that this villain with 8 tentacles can't not make me a mermaid, though it was hard for me to think of anything that I can give her in return. My voice sucks, and I haven't discovered anything wonderful about me yet!
I always have wondered how it feels to have a tail, swim as much as I want, breathe under water with no time pressure, have some fishes accompany me through my 'journey' in the deep places of the ocean and swim away from sharks trying to make me their dinner.

  • I love the city lights
 I find it weird coz majority of the people wants to live in the country and not in the city & I am totally the exact opposite. It's not that I don't wanna reside in the country, it's just that I prefer to be in the city, hear all the city noises and cab honks, see alot of people walking down the streets, live in a building that is beside other tall buildings, and have a fast-paced life.

  • I want to become a pastry chef
There's always this thing that we want to become but we just can't coz we decided to choose the 'other' path. I guess this is the road that I haven't taken but seriously, if given the chance, I would love to put up my own bakery, bake heavenly desserts, and satisfy my sweet gastronomic indulgence. 

  • Cold drinks-OK, hot-NOT SO
 I dunno if it's because my mother used to drink shakes when she was still carrying me or just because of the Philippine's hot climate, but cold drinks = personal love. Aside from the fact that they quench my thirst, they give me this feeling of comfort and contentment inside that makes me feel assured that I'll be better for the rest of the day. Sounds weird but it's true!

  • I want it to rain so hard
coz I feel peaceful with all the noisy and smashing-on-my-rooftop raindrops, and I have an excuse of just staying at home with a bowl of hot soup. This is the kind of day that I wanna have when I feel tired and messed up.


I just want to say..

because you made me happy on my birthday!



Let's start my twenties right!
music playing: Hello Goodbye (glee version)
busy with: mobile app project (Calculator)
desk: messy with papers
status: semi-hungry



If you happen to hate Jokwon, then I believe you're on person on earth who hates life, happiness, love, and khab dance. Jokwon's like the cutest k-guy ever in the history of KPOP. Hate him for giving you some pain in the head and heart regarding his real sexual preference but who the effin' cares? I wouldn't mind at all if he's gay or not. We'll, I would mind a bit coz I want him and Gain to be a couple for real. But if ever he's really gay, nothing will surely change! I will still be a fan.

When I was watching his perf, I seem to notice how cute he was. Added to the cuteness were his school boy outfit, hair, and voice. Of course I noticed his hip-shaking too. I would do simultaneous cartwheels on top of my roof if I haven't noticed it! I was smiling the whole time, especially when I saw Gain, she seems happy, and pretty as hell! Too bad Jokwon wasn't able to notice her. I can imagine now Jokwon and Gain doing mousefights over it!

coz Jokwon makes me smile, ALWAYS!

time for Showtime!

It's pretty rare for me to post something pinoy-ish in this blog. I guess I need to change things a bit and have some pinoy pride tidbits in here! And let's start the change with... 



I seriously don't now if I'm overthinking things but things are just running in and around my head right now. I've got some big issues of me turning 20 tomorrow. It's like I'll be transforming into someone/something at 12 midnight and I'll never gonna go back to my previous identity, EVER. I JUST DON'T KNOW.. I JUST DON'T KNOW!

But the main thing bugging me is just RESPONSIBILITY. I've got that word, in big bold letters, stuck in my head since yesterday. Way more painful that headache. Prolly because I got my mind set that when someone turns 20, he/she shouldn't be immature anymore. He/she should start checking those things on his/her goal checklist and if that person can't check all of them, that person's a MAJOR LOSER.
I guess I'm just overthinking things! I JUST DON'T KNOW.. I JUST DON'T KNOW!


in glee for Glee

I seriously believe that FIRST IMPRESSION SUCKS!
I've heard of Glee before almost everywhere-- on twitter, on facebook, online sites, on my toilet, under my bed, but I had never given myself the chance to watch an episode just before the season ends, having the impression that it's just an ordinary cheap show/musical with an exagged cheap drama-plot. So I end up eaten ONLY by my kpop obsession having myself trapped in a kpop cage and making me non-kpop uncivilized!  And I awfully regret this whole thing.

The timing of my Glee obsession is just bad. The show ended last month leaving me spazzing about Glee just all by myself -- alone--in the corner of my room, infront of my PC. Metaphorically speaking, it's like all the people have already reached the puberty stage few years back and I'm the only one undergoing this now. And they're all laughing at me coz they already moved on and I haven't!

So instead of being sad for being a Glee late-bloomer (???) and have you all telling me to have that 'L' sign on my forehead for being such a loser, lemme just spazz and tell you about what I think and love about my new obsession.


I LIKE ALL OF THEM. Like every single one of them is me. I can relate to her, I can relate to him, I can relate to all of them. This is probably the reason why the show was a humongous hit, coz every person watching the show has a character that he/she can relate into.

I totally love and adore:
Rachel Berry's optimism and passion of being a star,
Finn Hudson's height and cute face,
Quinn Fabray's body and blonde curly hair,
Puck Puckerman's H-O-T-N-E-S-S! (check out my future post about him)
Kurt Hummel's fab-ness,
Mercedes Jones' name and voice,
Artie Abram's glasses,
Tina Cohen-Chang's asian blood & hair highlights,
Santana Lopez' tan slim body,
Brittany's low & calm voice (you totally should listen to her!),
Jesse St. James' speaking eyes and curly hair,
Will Schuester's arm muscles (esp when he wears body-fitted shirts. damn!), and
Sue Sylvester's VILLAINability! She totally got the skills!

As much as I would love to attach all the performance vids here from season 1, I just can't and for sure this page would take gazillion minutes to fully load. So I'll just pick three performances that I will NEVER get tired of watching!

This was the first performance that totally kicked me off my chair and caused my palms to turn red coz I can't stop myself from clapping after watching it! It even made me download not just the song, but Jazmine Sullivan's full album! Amber Riley(Mercedes) amazingly nailed this!

I can't find a decent vid for this performance so my apologies, but I'm pretty sure that if you're a Gleek, then you already had pressed the play button a hundred times already! And if you had knew me real enough, I think I don't need to explain why I like this video so bad that I totally would want to sleep with it! Nothing could beat 5 men wearing tuxedos, dancing sexy on the tune of 'I Wanna Sex You Up'! and my new man-addiction, Puck, is just effin' S-M-E-X-Y! I just realized that I do have some dreamful obsessions for hot men who sport mohawks and sing well. *coughTAEYANGcoughPUCKcough* But since Puck already shaved his head, then hot bald men will do!And I don't effin' care is he's a SEX SHARK,and if he really is, then I'll go dive in the middle of the ocean, with no life jacket or lifebuoy!

Not much dancing drama and over-the-top costumes. Just them, sitting, with plain colored shirts. It's refreshing and calm. I could totally watch this when I'm depressed coz of my low college grades, or when I can't get myself up with shitloads of programming stuff.. It's not that this perf could totally solve everything, but it makes you feel wonderful, loved, and special. Am I that cheesy? hell yes? hell no!

I could totally rock a shirt with a 'I GLEE' sign. Season 1 had totally screwed my diskspace with 7.51GB and I wouldn't mind season 2 screwing it again! I love the show, and I want more



If this kid is on sale, 
ill put myself first in the line waiting infront of the store's door, 
few hours before the store opens. 




and my recent victim is the poor IU!! im sorry IU fans, but your pitchforks and angry screams won't work on me!

i see smoke coming out from my nostrils!




im sorry to cover your pretty face Dara!
you're just too close, and I think grabbin' Taeyang's tie ain't necessary too!
But I still love you!!

way cuddlier than Taeyang eh?? stick to that!

[insert pervy thoughts in here]

smile perfect!!

 and this totally blew me away!
my fave YG dancer is back, and she's so envy pretty!
would it be weird if I say I ain't jealous at all??