more Bigbang, YG!

 *Top may not have the abs of a god but his expression is priceless and more appealing!*

I miss them so much that the fandom loneliness drives me blogging! When are they coming back? YG said 2nd half of the year but who believes YG? He said before he'll be releasing Taeyang's album late 2009, then it got postponed gazillion times and even until now, it ain't out still.. Is he just waiting for Justin Bieber to reach puberty? Then we VIPs will be waiting for decades, when our hair turns gray or when Bigbang can't release albums anymore coz they already got a life and family of their own! Damn YG, I know you're all preparing your talents for their comebacks, but can you make it a bit quick? I'm having YG withdrawals if haven't noticed it! I've been soshified lately and I'm startin' to love some SME talents.. hope that scares you a bit! HA!

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