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so whaddup with this post? nah, just a list of some kpop vagina-owners I envy the most. Just some girls who make me wish on gazillion shooting stars for me to be them when I wake up in the morning, seein' their heavenly body instead of my vertically-challenged one when I stand in front of the mirror still lookin' and feelin' beautiful even with a messy hair and morning breath. Gaaahh.. I know I need to love who I am but would it be bad to envy other girls who are alot prettier and sexier than me? nah ah!

So expect to get drowned into an ocean of chocolate abs, oozing-with-too-much-sex-appeal bodies, white-as-snow pair of legs, and flawless faces from this post! E-N-V-Y is the key!

Gain of BEG
Who would not envy her flawless snow white skin and gorgeous pair of sexy legs? I freakin' swear she could ungay gays and lesbianize straight gals. She has those looks-like-she's-sleeping eyes makin' you think she's ONLY cute but beware, she got a gorgeous body with a hip of a devil swaying from left to right. 

HyunA of 4minute
She's got the greatest hip-pumping move on her Change MV that turned me into a HyunA fan few months back. She's what, 19?? yet she dances sexy enough makin' you get fooled by her innocent looks. and oh, she got some nice choco abs and I'm liking her signature shirt tease.. 
sexy eh?? So to all those people reading this, don't be fooled by HyunA! She's one smexy assassin behind that innocent face. Make her dance and you'll see her transform! Could you imagine how she'll be doin' when she turns legal? gaahh.. for sure it'll be more than hip-pumping! yeah, more than that!

Lee Hyori
How could I ever forget Korea's sexiest woman/ Kpop Queen?? If HyunA's a young sexy, then Hyori's the exact opposite. She's 30ish gifted with a body of a 20ish. I've read once in an online article that she has the most perfect body and the article's talkin' about body measurements, blah blah blah.. but I think her body's better seen than measured! And one thing I love about her is her skin color. It's not the usual korean white skin color like Gain's and HyunA's makin' her stand out if you pile her with other korean girls. And oh, she got a gorgeous sexy booty!

Gahi of After School
She's one helluvah sexy performing diva. And when I tell you that she is, you need to believe me! She's 30ish as well like Lee Hyori and it's somehow obvious coz she looks a bit old. But she's a 30ish woman with a perfectly-formed chocolate abs with cherry on top.

Aimee Lee Lucas
The only girl who gets butt-slapped by Taeyang on Bigbang's Number 1 MV !! Lucky her huh?! I so envy her for that! Who doesn't want to be butt-slapped by Taeyang? tell me!! tell me!! *sigh*

What I like and envy about her is her skills and passion for dancing! She dances dope, equally competent with Lyle Beniga and Shaun Evaristo no wonder YG fangirls want to be her. And she got close ties with our Bigbang babies and 2ne1 ladies. She even met Taeyang's mom.. now tell me I shouldn't be envious!

All in all, Im proud of Aimee's achievements. She has now grown into a great dancer and is still pursuing herself to be better. And Im proud that she's pinay and her mom's from Cebu and she replies to some of my tweets! HAHAHAH!

Joo Ri
She's my Surprise #1. Yeah, she got into my list and I'll explain why and I'll fully defend her! She's not pretty nor sexy! She doesn't have great body with oozing and smoking sex appeal and she doesn't have a cute face like HyunA's and Gain's. So what's makin' her effin' sexy? Well it's her smexy sense of humor! Evidence? Here's one..
She may be eyeing on my Taeyang candy on that vid but I'm willing to share him with her! It looks like we got the same plans if we got all the pervie opportunities! And I do think we could get along well together! HAHAHHAHA! I'll surely be forever laughing when I'm with her! She's sexy for me and sexiness is not defined ONLY by the earthly body.. ever heard of a sexy humor and sexy mind? Yeah, she got that!

Jo Kwon of 2am
Hey hey hey! Don't ask me why Jo Kwon came on my list and don't yell at me telling me that Jo Kwon's not even a vagina-owner, coz I tell you he can beat all these women if we talk about humongous sexiness in just a snap of his finger! If you're freakin' doubtful about my list now because of Jo Kwon, then I'm sure you haven't seen him dance yet! Lemme show you one!
shocked?! pissed?! dumbfounded? SURPRISE, SURPRISE! yeah, Jo Kwon's my Suprise #2! he's a bitch in the KPOPsphere. I dunno about his real thing regarding gender issues yet and the hell I care! If he's gay, then great! He fits perfectly! If he's straight, then I tell you, this straight guy could dance like a sexy bitch! Could you ever imagine your boyfriend dance and project like Jo Kwon? Could you ever imagine you and your boyfriend on the dancefloor and he sexydances better than you?  that's a hilarous thought! ROFLMAO. And I'm dyin' to be his bestie.. I could laugh all day long seein' him perform and dance abracadabra and sway those hips sexy! Jo Kwon, Jo Kwon, I sooo envy you more than all!

oh Jo Kwon, your bitchy you is hiding behind that rock-hard abs & sexy back!

and to end this sexy list, a dance clip from my 2 Surprises - Joo Ri and Jo Kwon.. (02:42-03:18)

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  1. You have all of my same kpop crushes! I love you now <3