irese ♥ Boni

She's the newest Korean R&B diva all of you should be crazy of! I've downloaded her album and it's nothing but pure AWESOMENESS with a flair of R&B and Urban music combined for some soothing and smooth music listening!

give it up for the new k-diva, BONI *clap clap clap* *throws confetti*

First had an ear glimpse of her music when AlwaysTaeyang posted her amazing cover of Taeyang's Look Only At Me, and the high note at the end made me even more interested about this newbie. I can hear everyone screaming for some Taeyang-Boni collab!! Yeah, yell more!

oh btw, you should get a copy of her album, Nu One, and I swear, y'all will love it! All the tracks are awesome! Here's one track from her album that she sang live, ResQ Me..

And if you wanna stalk her more, drop by her own website or spy her on twitter and I tell you, she's soo friendly and sweet, I even got replies from her! She's not a snob so don't be afraid to tell her how amazing she is and that pretty face won't bite, so just go stalk her!

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