If I get to snatch..

Lee Hyori's skin tone..

Gain's physical body..

Tiffany's seems-to-close-when-she-smiles eyes..

Bom Park's pair of legs..

Minzy's maknae innocence..

CL's baddest fierceness..

Tasha's rapping skills..

Gahee's sex appeal..

Jessica's bitchy attitude..

Kim Tae Hee's pinkish little lips..

Gummy's flesh-chilling voice..

UEE's I-don't-care-watcha-think confidence..

Victoria's body-folding ability..

Joori's goofiness..

Hyoyeon's dancing skills..

HyunA's pelvis-humping dance moves..

Dara's me2day throne and popularity..

Jea's musical high notes..

Amber's magic tricks..

Sohee's cutesy cuteness..

then I'm not gonna give 'em all back! Just saying!

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