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This is an achievement in my 6 months of Kpop stalking. I don't like these bunch of cutesy girls before. I saw them first on their Gee MV and just said to myself, "oh well, just a bunch of bodies with cute faces attached to a pair of great legs! and duh, they all look the same!", yeah, that WAS my SNSD thinking.

I'll plead guilty if you accuse me of:
  • not giving a damn in any news about the group, 
  • skipping their MVs and live performances,
  • believing that they are JUST cute and they can't even dance,
  • getting somehow annoyed once I see them on stage thinking they're too many to count and I can't even differentiate one member from the other- which literally gives me kpop migraine, 
  • hating them coz there are 9 of them in a group! Over Capacity! 
  • thinking that they are weak and just cute! No talent! Overrated!
and I'm now eating all my words (good thing they're non-fat! LOL)! I'll take all these words back *sigh*, I'm afraid I need to confess this,
so, who/what should be blamed for this shocking addition of kpop girl group fandom?

Cheddar and Chikky!
I'm pointing my fingers at these two SNSD geeks.. 
 They are the ones to be blamed for this great kpop change!

They had fed my innocent mind with SNSD vids and they had never stopped until I liked them all!

They introduced each SNSD member to me even if I said STOP coz im getting humongous kpop migraine!

They should be arrested and be electric-chaired! T___T

but oh well, everything's done already! no backing out! and hey, i'm lovin' the new fandom that I'm in right now! It's like solving a  mind game, MATCH SNSD MEMBERS' NAMES WITH THEIR FACES! I made mistakes at first, Jessica, Taeyeon and Tiffany are makin' this mindpuzzle difficult! I'm finding it hard to distinguish these three from each other, but youtube vids did the job! I can tell you the names of each SNSD members with flying colors! I can, I can!

So the next question is, WHO ARE MY FAVORITES? Don't expect me to answer only a single one. There are 9 of them! I'll prolly choose 4 and I'll be ranking them starting.. NOW!

1. Hyoyeon

I know you know I got a great space in my heart for kpop natives who are great in dancing, coughtaeyangcough, and Hyoyeon, on my opinion, could be the heartspacer who could fill my love for great kpop dancers! If you have an SNSD thinking like mine before I had a change of kpop heart and you don't know this girl at all, and you see her dance dopeshit, and you start to like her coz she's so cool, and I would tell you afterwards that she's an SNSD girl, I'm sure you'll fall off your seat and accuse me of being a liar! yeah, that's how good she is with dancing! I'm quite impressed with her skills,somehow opposite to SNSD's cutesy facade. I'm sorry Blackjacks for saying this but she might have Minzy of 2ne1 run for her money!

2. Yoona
I liked her way before I knew she has an SNSD blood! I first had a glimpse of her during Taeyang's Star Dance Battle. I LOLed at her expression when Taeyang did his shirt tease during his performance! major LOL.. check Yoona at 00:46

and because of that, I was then starting to like her.. we both got great taste for abs and men! HAHAHA! and after that, when I would accidentally look into SNSD MVs, her face is the only distinguishable one out of the 9 faces on my PC screen. When I see SNSD, I always look for Yoona. Yah know the feeling when you're in a restaurant and you just tend to order the same dish over and over again coz you don't know how the other dishes taste? That's what I'm feeling before for Yoona! She's a familiar face in a pool of strange ones! And who would ever think this cute face could dance dope like Hyoyeon? yeah, that was a major shock for me when I saw a Yoona dance like that. It gave me chills. I would say first impression is not dependable! I had fell into Yoona's trap, she had fooled me thinking she's a weak girl who's just gonna cry in the corner when somebody bullies her but damn, she got her stones and weapons ready for fighting!

3. Sunny
Her name fits her face so well. She looks fun and happy to be with! I would love her to be my best gal. Like we could talk about anything and everything under the sun over a slice of cake and nice cup of chocolate drink. And we'll be roommates, I am the untidy one and she'll yell at me telling me to pick up my dirty clothes but I won't yell at her back coz I'll be amazed how she could yell and smile at me at the same time! : )

4. Yuri
the SNSD chick I'm having problems and debates with other SNSD fans about her figure. Is she fat and chubby? Is she sexy? At first I find her chubby, seems like the black sheep of the group 'body figure'-ly speaking.. and then someone showed me this..
yeah right! I made some major SNSD mistakes! My deep apologies to you all! She's so friggin' sexy and I would love to steal her body if I could when she's sound asleep! She's one of my fave for she dances dopeshit too like Hyoyeon, she's got one helluva body worth drooling for, her face is just soo cute yet you get some traces of aggressiveness making you believe she could hurt you once you do something stupid! You get what I mean? yeah, I find her like that!

Gaaah, there now you know my SNSD picks. Do I have great SNSD taste? You like my picks too? Yes? No? No worries, I love them all! I'm just a newly born SNSD fangirl so don't expect me to love them all! I just familiarized their faces few minutes back so don't ask me to know their bdays, heights and weights, vital statistics coz I tell you, that's another set of mountains to climb. Naming and differentiating all 9 of them is one load of a job, the reason why I'm not interested at all with Super Junior! the hell with 13! Lemme savor the SNSD accomplishment first and after that, I might be opening my doors for these SuJu men.. kyaaahhh, this is just Bigbang and 2ne1 withdrawal! YG, bring my kpop babies now! We all have waited long enough and I think it's about time T____T

I think I need a group hug..
aawww.. thanks girls! yeah, SNSD fighting!

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