when they let me get a crush on them!

remember them?

it gives me shivers when I remember my Magic Temple days!

These guys were the ones who made me realize ever that guys are cute!

I swear! They did!

and now looking back, my heart's yelling for a rewatch!

just when I get my torrent done, I'll be spending a whole day hitting the play button again and again and again!

I love.

ugh... imma cry! T________________T

Now this leads me into thinking, old pinoy movies are always gonna be goodies!


  1. whatever la diha. invisible ka sa facebook and wala ko nimo gisendan sa application letter

  2. invisible diay ko? kita man gani ko nimo!

    ako man tika gipasendan ni raul!

    gisendan man to nako ang ukoy then pagTag nimo nako kay nasendan naman nako sya so ako na lang gipaforward!

  3. oh, oh, oh... geh thanks.

    kuyog ka ugma?

  4. Tlyn, pwede nimo himuong .doc? please?