What If..

this is coz I'm bored!

What If...

1. Bigbang comes here in the Philippines? well I know I still won't be able to come to any promotional show, thanks to our archipelago-ic country but what if, they'll do the promotions here in Cebu? sounds unreal but hey, this is my post! don't freak out as if I'm wrong! now, what if they'll come here in Cebu? will I be able to go? Damn yeah! why would I miss this? They're coming for me instead of the other way around! All I got to do is pay for the damn tickets, go to the venue of the concert 5 hours before the designated time, and spazzz during the whole event! that's soo  simple! and I'll end up thankful and uber wish granted!

2. cows fly? do you think it would be nice seein' their poo flying everywhere?

3. fairytales do come true? so this means the number of villains is directly proportional to the number of princesses in fairytales? would that make the world more chaotic and boring too? knowing that princesses do ALWAYS get a happy ending? now I know why fairytales don't exist!

4. my mom becomes a big fan of Taeyang too? is it gonna be cool for me and her if we talk about him and his abs?

5. I'm as sexy as Lee Hyori? aw gawwdd, I promise, I won't copy Lady Gaga's style! I'll stay to be a sexy Hyori forever! 

6. the world would REALLY end in 2012? would that mean I just spent my whole life going to school and will be spending only A YEAR for me to live life without it? P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C

7. ill be the lucky one who'll be wearing the wedding dress for Taeyang's wedding? kyahhh! looking forward for the honeymoon! eeeekkkkk

8. im Lady Gaga's favorite monster? *blushes*

9. Gdragon really was sent to jail coz of his Shine A Light concert perf? what would be VIPs level of rage? Would the event make a serious mark on the entertainment history of Korea?

and lastly, before everything gets really weird,

10. we're all aliens and the REAL humans are in Mars?

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