Oh No! Don't Change!

There's a huge wall between FUGLY & SEXY! of all people in the KPOPsphere, you two, Lee Hyori and Rain, should know that!

I can't believe this is what I'm seeing! Too bad I've already seen these pics just before I realized they're FUGLY and wished I could've just deprived myself from the excitement seein' these two envied-by-everybody hot kpop artists compete with Climate Change and Global Warming! What's happening with you two?? this is unforgivable! yeah, I know kpop artists do love change and persona experiments but these pictures are just proofs that change and experiments are into another horrible level!

horrible.. horrible.. horrible..

Oh Hyori, you're no Lady Gaga, you can't compete with Lady Gaga, I can't love you with you being Lady Gaga! so please, in behalf of Lady Gaga's little monsters, no Lady Gaga cheating!

We want you just the way you are! We want you to be a sexy sexy! Not Gaga sexy! We love you just as you prove to us that you're the sexiest queen of kpop that all the vagina owners would just wish they were you! We don't want you to change in a way that you are tagged as someone else's copycat because that just makes us hate you in the very depths of our Lady Gaga soul!

Even your teaser vid is lady gaga-ish! the comic style, the vintage effect, the colors.. uggghhhhhh.. NOOOO!

why don't you just stay like this?
we love you this way!
NO! you're not boring us if you stay like this!
coz this is the kind of Hyori that we envy and want!

and you Rain, how could you copy sexy Hyori's curly hair and eyelashes??

Yes, I admit, you're sexy but only if I blotted and covered your lower eyelashes and horrible curls with black ink! that would prolly do! But you can't fool everybody! with the pic above, I wanna give your make-up artist a kick in the ass and you  some great slap in the abs (just for me to be able to touch it!) so you know the difference between fugly and sexy!

 now, this one's sexy!
oh the abs are calling me! wait, STOP!
your hair may be a bit off but it adds to your whole body's sexiness!
you should do a better version of this!
no more curls and green-grass-painted-black-and-arranged-apart eyelashes Rain! por favor!

oh yes, maybe you two should've been together 
just before these album photos went out!
Hyori could have scolded Rain for copying her hairstyle!
and Rain could have just punished Hyori
for goin' gaga!


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