lower down your dosage of smexiness!

I'm afraid I'll be competing AGAIN with all the girls on the Sign-Me-Up-For-Taeyang's-Wife-WannaBe list plus all the girls still falling in line wanting to be one!

This is hard! 

Why could I fall for someone with crescent-shaped eyes, innocent smile and rock hard abs?? and why should I be soo freakin' inlove with a man that every girl's dying for??!! maybe this is a good thing! A sign that I got great perv taste!

but being so into my kpop love maybe unhealthy! seein' him topless increases my heart rate! Staring at his molded-perfect abs makes me sweat a lot! This may be good but I sweat beyond the normal sweat excretion so I guess it's not a good thing!

Now this leads me to thinking how it's gonna be like to be few inches away from him?? I'll probably be panicking, blood coming out from my nose, eyes, mouth and ears, my face will turn pale, ill be like drenched in the rain coz I'm sweating tons! ggaaahhhhhh! NOO!

 call me bitch, but I'll tag myself: MOHAWK TIP-OVER-HEELS with TAEYANG! i ♥ him and his abs!

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