it's one Good Friday!

Dang! Dang! Dang! Literally, I had stared on these pics below for two minutes! Don't ask me why I stared that long coz it's not even close to how much time it's gonna be if it's a topless taeyang on the pic!

This epic picture shows how a Taeyang monument would look like if all the Taeyang fangirls would decide to create one by the time we all grow old and already have kids! It's like a Thank You present to him for makin' our minds think dirrty and keepin' us all drool everyday during our we-can-be-perv days!! The sweaty muscles should be in full details.. and ofcourse, by fangirl demand, that white shirt should be ripped off! We all know Taeyang for his abs, why not emphasize it on his monument?? oh, and the arm veins too! ggaawwdd!

and awww gawwdd, the lipbiting is soooo lipbiting!  And do you see the facial hair?!? I was spazzing about that with the other kpop fangirls awhile ago! and when you spazz, your demureness is just one shit you need to take out from your system! (see an example below)

if these pictures are considered perversion torture, then bring 'em all in baby!

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