i am speechle....

shheeetttttttt! shheeetttt! shhheetttt!

I just dunno if the Kpop gods and goddesses are happy about my life doings for lettin' me see this worth-a-queen's-ransom pic or just teasing the every perv soul of me knowing that I can only see it and not touch it!

oh my taeyang, if only I could undress you by just staring at your girls-wanna-hug-you-by-your-back-coz-your-back-is-so-smexy-for-heaven's-sake-and-I-would-fall-in-the-longest-line-just-to-touch-your-gorgeous-back back, I would have done it before and I'm surely NOT only gonna be undressing you of your shirt! that's fosho!

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