where's GDragon?


Look for Gdragon! hey, I don't kid! He's really there! (click on the pic to enlarge)


you're one lucky girl!

you're totally insane if you heart Taeyang so much but you don't envy Kim JiHye, my fave resident YG female dancer, who luckily gets to be physically close with Taeyang in every performance! She would incidentally touch his abs, his collarbone, his hairy armpit, his muscle-ic arms with hot-blooded veins every now and then.. now that's so much life!

I wonder what she did to have the kpop gods and goddesses give her so much envious blessing!?!??

the dopest Lyle B.


He's on my A list of best dancers/choreographers together with Shaun E. and Aimee A.
if you're into Kpop, you're into the YG family, and you're into Bigbang, and you're into Taeyang, and you're into the Where U At MV, then you prolly should have known him, and stalk him on his twitter and his yt channel!

He's just so great that all his sick choreos are so amazingly good to watch!

Here's my fave, and check out 00:18-00:20 ..it's just sooooo fast that you'll miss every if you blink!

now who wants some sick Lyle Beniga choreos?? *raises both hands*


Alicia's keytar

im not a musical person! i play no musical instruments coz I suck in coordination and rhythm and everything in between! I only listen, not play!

but this.. is GLORIOUS!
Alicia Key's keytar is GLORIOUS AMAZING!
It's dope! dope! dope!

I wanna have one!
the same exact thing!
that key is huge! 
that keytar is dope!
and Alicia Keys is ah-may-zhing!

good thing I'm her twitter stalker so I get to see and appreciate all the keytars in the whole living world!
and I think you should follow Alicia Keys too! prolly next time she'll be tweeting a locktar (lock-designed guitar) HAHAHAH!


goodie oldie ♫

now you'll sound to have a bitter childhood if
you tell me you haven't heard and fell inlove with
this song when you were a kid
or when it didn't give you LSS
when you heard it play
on the Mangarap Ka movie!

C'mon! I felt love when I keep on hearing this track
when I was like 7 years old! hey, 7 years old!
are you kiddin' me?!?

when they let me get a crush on them!

remember them?

it gives me shivers when I remember my Magic Temple days!

These guys were the ones who made me realize ever that guys are cute!

I swear! They did!

and now looking back, my heart's yelling for a rewatch!

just when I get my torrent done, I'll be spending a whole day hitting the play button again and again and again!

I love.

ugh... imma cry! T________________T

Now this leads me into thinking, old pinoy movies are always gonna be goodies!


What If..

this is coz I'm bored!

What If...

1. Bigbang comes here in the Philippines? well I know I still won't be able to come to any promotional show, thanks to our archipelago-ic country but what if, they'll do the promotions here in Cebu? sounds unreal but hey, this is my post! don't freak out as if I'm wrong! now, what if they'll come here in Cebu? will I be able to go? Damn yeah! why would I miss this? They're coming for me instead of the other way around! All I got to do is pay for the damn tickets, go to the venue of the concert 5 hours before the designated time, and spazzz during the whole event! that's soo  simple! and I'll end up thankful and uber wish granted!

2. cows fly? do you think it would be nice seein' their poo flying everywhere?

3. fairytales do come true? so this means the number of villains is directly proportional to the number of princesses in fairytales? would that make the world more chaotic and boring too? knowing that princesses do ALWAYS get a happy ending? now I know why fairytales don't exist!

4. my mom becomes a big fan of Taeyang too? is it gonna be cool for me and her if we talk about him and his abs?

5. I'm as sexy as Lee Hyori? aw gawwdd, I promise, I won't copy Lady Gaga's style! I'll stay to be a sexy Hyori forever! 

6. the world would REALLY end in 2012? would that mean I just spent my whole life going to school and will be spending only A YEAR for me to live life without it? P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C

7. ill be the lucky one who'll be wearing the wedding dress for Taeyang's wedding? kyahhh! looking forward for the honeymoon! eeeekkkkk

8. im Lady Gaga's favorite monster? *blushes*

9. Gdragon really was sent to jail coz of his Shine A Light concert perf? what would be VIPs level of rage? Would the event make a serious mark on the entertainment history of Korea?

and lastly, before everything gets really weird,

10. we're all aliens and the REAL humans are in Mars?


it's one Good Friday!

Dang! Dang! Dang! Literally, I had stared on these pics below for two minutes! Don't ask me why I stared that long coz it's not even close to how much time it's gonna be if it's a topless taeyang on the pic!

This epic picture shows how a Taeyang monument would look like if all the Taeyang fangirls would decide to create one by the time we all grow old and already have kids! It's like a Thank You present to him for makin' our minds think dirrty and keepin' us all drool everyday during our we-can-be-perv days!! The sweaty muscles should be in full details.. and ofcourse, by fangirl demand, that white shirt should be ripped off! We all know Taeyang for his abs, why not emphasize it on his monument?? oh, and the arm veins too! ggaawwdd!

and awww gawwdd, the lipbiting is soooo lipbiting!  And do you see the facial hair?!? I was spazzing about that with the other kpop fangirls awhile ago! and when you spazz, your demureness is just one shit you need to take out from your system! (see an example below)

if these pictures are considered perversion torture, then bring 'em all in baby!

i am speechle....

shheeetttttttt! shheeetttt! shhheetttt!

I just dunno if the Kpop gods and goddesses are happy about my life doings for lettin' me see this worth-a-queen's-ransom pic or just teasing the every perv soul of me knowing that I can only see it and not touch it!

oh my taeyang, if only I could undress you by just staring at your girls-wanna-hug-you-by-your-back-coz-your-back-is-so-smexy-for-heaven's-sake-and-I-would-fall-in-the-longest-line-just-to-touch-your-gorgeous-back back, I would have done it before and I'm surely NOT only gonna be undressing you of your shirt! that's fosho!

lower down your dosage of smexiness!

I'm afraid I'll be competing AGAIN with all the girls on the Sign-Me-Up-For-Taeyang's-Wife-WannaBe list plus all the girls still falling in line wanting to be one!

This is hard! 

Why could I fall for someone with crescent-shaped eyes, innocent smile and rock hard abs?? and why should I be soo freakin' inlove with a man that every girl's dying for??!! maybe this is a good thing! A sign that I got great perv taste!

but being so into my kpop love maybe unhealthy! seein' him topless increases my heart rate! Staring at his molded-perfect abs makes me sweat a lot! This may be good but I sweat beyond the normal sweat excretion so I guess it's not a good thing!

Now this leads me to thinking how it's gonna be like to be few inches away from him?? I'll probably be panicking, blood coming out from my nose, eyes, mouth and ears, my face will turn pale, ill be like drenched in the rain coz I'm sweating tons! ggaaahhhhhh! NOO!

 call me bitch, but I'll tag myself: MOHAWK TIP-OVER-HEELS with TAEYANG! i ♥ him and his abs!


Oh No! Don't Change!

There's a huge wall between FUGLY & SEXY! of all people in the KPOPsphere, you two, Lee Hyori and Rain, should know that!

I can't believe this is what I'm seeing! Too bad I've already seen these pics just before I realized they're FUGLY and wished I could've just deprived myself from the excitement seein' these two envied-by-everybody hot kpop artists compete with Climate Change and Global Warming! What's happening with you two?? this is unforgivable! yeah, I know kpop artists do love change and persona experiments but these pictures are just proofs that change and experiments are into another horrible level!

horrible.. horrible.. horrible..

Oh Hyori, you're no Lady Gaga, you can't compete with Lady Gaga, I can't love you with you being Lady Gaga! so please, in behalf of Lady Gaga's little monsters, no Lady Gaga cheating!

We want you just the way you are! We want you to be a sexy sexy! Not Gaga sexy! We love you just as you prove to us that you're the sexiest queen of kpop that all the vagina owners would just wish they were you! We don't want you to change in a way that you are tagged as someone else's copycat because that just makes us hate you in the very depths of our Lady Gaga soul!

Even your teaser vid is lady gaga-ish! the comic style, the vintage effect, the colors.. uggghhhhhh.. NOOOO!

why don't you just stay like this?
we love you this way!
NO! you're not boring us if you stay like this!
coz this is the kind of Hyori that we envy and want!

and you Rain, how could you copy sexy Hyori's curly hair and eyelashes??

Yes, I admit, you're sexy but only if I blotted and covered your lower eyelashes and horrible curls with black ink! that would prolly do! But you can't fool everybody! with the pic above, I wanna give your make-up artist a kick in the ass and you  some great slap in the abs (just for me to be able to touch it!) so you know the difference between fugly and sexy!

 now, this one's sexy!
oh the abs are calling me! wait, STOP!
your hair may be a bit off but it adds to your whole body's sexiness!
you should do a better version of this!
no more curls and green-grass-painted-black-and-arranged-apart eyelashes Rain! por favor!

oh yes, maybe you two should've been together 
just before these album photos went out!
Hyori could have scolded Rain for copying her hairstyle!
and Rain could have just punished Hyori
for goin' gaga!