no blues with CNBlue

this post is not about Blue's Clues! and I am not up into givin' you clues about what this post is all about because I myself is sooo excited and I feel like spazzzing about the newest, hottest, GORGEOUSest (?) KPOP band craze in town.. *drumroll*  CNBlue..

don't they all look damn hot??

When I first heard of 'em, I was like, OKAY, I hate them coz they used blue instead of purple, yeah, they're bunch of cute guys (which I don't like in the first place because I always go for the machos and abs-ic idols eg. Taeyang)..

but then, every single bad and negative idea I got for them were all erased when I saw and heard 'em perform 'I'm A Loner'. I heart the music beat, I heart them performingI heart them teasing fans with their camera sexy moves (this is more of YongHwa's (the vocalist) doing!)

and seriously, I ♥ EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!

if you haven't seen 'em perform, youtube 'em and i'll be bettin' my whole bunch of cents that you will love 'em. Just don't watch their perfs when you're not yet ready to go fandom crazy!

now, as a fangirl of a group, all of us do have our own favorites.. and here are mine.. *drumroll*

meet Mr. has-messy-yet-well-kept-tied-hair.. that's what I call him coz I'm not fond of memorizing Korean names coz they all sound and look the same.. (raise your hand if we have the same huge problem in life)..I love-at-first-sighted him because majorly of his messy-yet-well-kept-tied hair. If you compare all four of 'em, he's the only one with a hairstyle that is distinguishable aside from the other one with curly hair..and don't lie, he looks cute.. his face might just be common but his well-kept hair makes him extraordinary for me and because of that,  this Mr. has-messy-yet-well-kept-tied-hair should beware coz ill be his greatest fangirl stalker! rraawwrr!

next one is this guy who knows how to do some camera tease! if you don't get me, he's just someone who makes me jitter everytime I see him perform coz he knows how to tease everybody by just staring at the effin' damn camera.. if you see him perform, he steals your heart and soul makin' you fall for him deeply and intensely by just wavin' his hand, doin' that smirky smexy smile! oh good lord, help, im havin' some fandom attack..he's my most fave of the four, he do have that great face and great voice..

if you're still doubtful about my fandom choice, here's one of my favorite CNBlue perfs..

cool huh?! are you still CNBLUEified??

my personal CNBlue requests: 

  • Okay here, I have nothin' against them wearing formal, it's COOL, and they were even tagged by some others as Korea's Beatles. But I'm also lookin' forward seein' them wear casual clothes when they perform (who's with me?) coz they are just in their early 20's and I think they should be more on their youthness.. But again, I  have nothing against their tuxedos or whatever you call it! It's cool, and that they-should-wear-casual rant is just one of my innocent opinions..

  • the guy who camera teases fangirls should tease fangirls ALWAYS coz he does get us all with that! I've never had a crush on idols that are ABSless (im still not sure if he doesn't have abs coz I haven't seen him topless. I you have one topless pic of him, poke me! ) or petite  but this guy's different..♥♥

  • to Mr. has-messy-yet-well-kept-tied-hair, your well-kept hair and MYSTERIOUSness always remind me of Top, but you're the easy-to-be-tamed one coz Top will be and will surely be beastly! *evil laugh* Next time, I wanna see you without that well-kept hair, please do make me happy by letting your hair just flow in its NATURALest way. I haven't googled some pictures of you yet so I haven't seen you with your hair dropping at the back..please please please!

  • can you play an English song?? this is like every non-Korean fangirl's request. If you do one, all your fans will surely be rejoicing to finally hear a song from you that we all could understand! *crosses fingers*

  • please do come here in the Philippines.. CNBlue is now on my I-want-you-to-go-here-in-Phil list. And if you do come here, come straight to Cebu so I would not have my heart broken seein' all the Manila people rejoicing because of CNBlue's country arrival yet I'm stuck in a sea-away-from-Manila Cebu.. T___T.. I'd surely wanna see y'all in flesh, get a grab of all four of you, have my paper autographed, and stalking you and be your Cebuana paparazzi.. I'd love that! 
Being one of your 13000+ droolers/fangirls, expect me to be a CNBlue stalker, CNBlue-perfs downloader, CNBlue twitter trender (i know this'll happen SOON), and a humble CNBlue fangirl.

With CNBlue, it just proves I do have great taste! *evil laugh, evil laugh, evil laugh*

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