Last year till present SELF UPDATES

So what seriously happened to me after I created my last post about the bloody blood letters last 20th of December last year?? ALOT BUT NOTHING SERIOUSLY...

1. My family and I moved in to another place just near our former crib leaving us all kinda busy carrying all our stuffs from our ex-house to the present one.. I do love it here.. though it's 3 rides away from school compared to the former which is just one-ride far.. but still don't care, new year, new house, new beginning..

And as a result, I was internet-deprived for almost 6 days since we still need to have the internet people to transfer that cable thingie to our new place.. and yes, it took a long time, and look what happened to my dishes in Cafe World..
some of my dishes got spoiled T__T
and don't have any choice but to throw all 'em away!
waste of efforts, waste of bucks!

and I as well missed all the Gayo Daejun shows..

I missed GDragon's bowl cut hair which made me ROFLMAO the whole effin' time..
just to prove how hideous it was,
I seriously digged in into the imaginest imagination I got
and just thought this way~~ DARAGON..
they love each other much that they want to have the same hairstyle~

and I as well missed Taeyang and Bom's duet performance of You and I which is good coz it'll just surely make me JEALOUS.. but seriously, they just don't fit in together.. don't call me BIASED..it's the real thing for me!


Q: Don't you want Taeyang to have a collab with girls??
I  want Taeyang to be TANDEMNed if y'all are asking! Just to prove, I don't have any negative comments about Thelma and Taeyang's Fall In Love collab so I sure am not that biased and selfish! *evil laugh*

and I sooo missed CL's Heartbreaker cover and geeeez, she's seriously SMEXY HOTNESS ADORABLE GLAMOUR.. and because of that, the perf was the first thing I downloaded in HD that day.
Though many were like, she's not like GD, she don't have GD's energy, she haven't danced like GD on that perf, well here, CL and GD ain't the same.. and how could CL jump if she's wearing that whatever-inch heels?!! she did her best and still, she's the BADDEST FEMALE SEOUL CITY EVER HAD!

2. I've been addictively addicted to twitter..

Twitter's like getting 80% of my whole online time.. I got all my KPOP ladies and my Lady Gaga monsters tweeting and once I login, I got stuck the whole time, depriving me to blog..

and we also have alot of KPOP Trending Topic missions so tweetin' my heart out till I see our hashtags trending is seriously a tiring tweeting thing to do that needs so much time to do..
we made #KPOP trending.. 
and the effin' #nowplaying is blocking our way to the top!
I even reached my tweet limit just makin' #KPOP trending..
seriously, it's a hard thing to do and yes, IM PROUD!

3. and I just received from mail, just recently, a Bigbang album I won from an online contest, and yes, this is my first prized Bigbang possession.. Spare me, im just a 3-month old KPOP fan.. and no worries, ill be collecting more!

me~ me~ me~

prolly, ill be given the divine time to update my fandom blog..

Just let ..
..my schoolworks be gone,
..all the twitter TT missions be successful the earliest time possible, and
..all my kpop ladies and gaga monsters not tweet that much so the divine time for blogging will be granted~

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