ill get GAGAbetes!

I had a taste of Daesung's Cotton Candy this morning, and I think i'll be having some major FANDOMbetes with this other sweet serving from our pop chef, Lady Gaga. I seriously don't know who baked these little cuties (my apologies for not researching!) .. but I applaud that someone for the effort of baking, taking a pic, and sharing it to all the other monsters. It just made my night delectable.. I think I need to brush my teeth before I get some GAGAvity and GAGAbetes.. *brush brush brush*

i think this one's the easiest to make!
just dump that red stuff over the whole cookie and leave the upper side and done!
mah favorite!

those frog eyes are adorable.. 
major cute, major hilar!

this one's like the grumpy cookie Gaga..
but i heart it though!

now my dream of becoming a baker becomes more interesting! if ill be able to bake, ill make Gaga cookies everyday and send some to Lady Gaga herself and to the other monsters! ambitious much?!! nah uh! Ill be a baker, someday, you'll see..

credits to: Facebooker

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