get down and dirty with BIGBANG

I intensely wouldn't care right now if Santa would give me no more presents throughout my whole lifetime of existence because of how naughty I had gotten myself after seeing this video showing every inch of taeyang's sweat-dropping abs! and to the fangurl who uploaded this..drop me some emails so we can drool and scream together!

this truly melts my heart! for the little girl hugged by my knight-with-innocent-smile, better appreciate that one rare moment coz fangurls like me are drooling to death to be around taeyang's arms! btw, I sure do think that little girl would be happier if she's hugging Boss while I am hugging the master! *evil laugh*

would it be naughty to dream of being TOP's dance partner in this vid??! damn, this is one hot dance rehearsal! Top maybe the least best dancer among the 5, but he could surely pull off this one making all the fangirls with two left legs dance like a pro!

just when seungri's about to get into the chorus part, daesung cut out the music! bad Daesung! come here and I'll teach you a lesson

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