fandom fanarts

I find fanarts cutely adorable, don't you think?? I myself don't have the ability of fanarting, or anything related to drawing.. the last time that I drew something was probably when I was in highschool when we were asked to draw something that represents ourselves, amazingly, we were as well told to let our classmates see what are drawing is! *blush*.. I just drew a bag coz that's the easiest thing I could draw T__T.. and  in college, I haven't made myself ashamed anymore since I'm lettin' other people do my drawing project instead.. and I just give 'em some cute stuff in return! that's how I suck in drawing.. T_T That's why I got some high appreciation to people who knows fanart, drawing, or any stuff related to lines, strokes, curves that are drawn dramatically!


*takes Daragon pill! wooot~*

ROFL on Seungri's dark circles..
aaaawwwww on Taeyang's smile..
WWOOWW on GDragon's colorful jacket..
eeeekkkk on Top's stare..
LOL on Daesung's huge laugh!

hands down to the fanart artist of this one!

my first fave fanart! I was first addicted to 2ne1 before
I got hooked to Bigbang FYI.. :P

and before I forget, lemme insert a speed painting vid of Taeyang boo~ I should nicely ask Santa to give me some Speed painting talents this year! tsk tsk tsk..

credits to:
                 bigbangupdates for some of the fanart pics,
                 kingbobbles for the vid
                 and google..