an eye candy COTTON CANDY

if Daesung is your ultimate eyecandy, then listen to his COTTON CANDY track.. this track was released just like that fast, and I tell you, it made all my twitter girls go insanely crazy.. We were having some countdowns, we were spazzing already even if it's still 10 minutes before the track release.. You should have followed me on twitter and join the crazy fun!

wacha think?? wacha think?? don't you find it sooo cute? it only takes one amazing straight guy to do a song like this and would not look soo gay! Seriously, it's true! I find Daesung manly yet sweet, gentle in this track!


After I downloaded it, I listened to it once, twice, ..., and then it just went to a musical loop (still listening to it while blogging (0.o) ). Now I'm excited for the MV (if there is! but I guess there's going to be one, unless they make 2 versions.. not sure!). What is it gonna be like?? 

 here's my thought: 
PINK! yes, I guess it will be full of pink stuffs. So Daesung's gonna be in a pink fantasy land, wearing a fabulous pink tuxedo with white tie that has cotton candy prints, and he's gonna be holding cotton candy and dramatically munches it during the whole track. He'll be walkin' in a park with pink trees, pink flowers, pink grasses, pink oranges (???)..okay, that's too much PINK! but he'll still walk in the park, with pink flowers.. then he'll meet his girl in a pink dress with a pink hat with white ribbon on it, and the cotton candy on her hand should as well be there.. They'll be touring sweetly on the whole pink place till they ride on a pink cloud, meeting pink birds, and if the MV people would read my blog, they should also have a pink unicorn that Daesung and the girl could ride on. Isn't that cute?? NO?? fine!

I know lots of you are as well waiting for the MV since we all find Cotton Candy cutely adorable (I don't know about the haters. bleh!)! We had seen Daesung do trot, he got very great voice, I do personally think he got the best vocals among the Bigbang members, he's funny that everytime you see him, you can't stop smiling or laughing. And now, this Cotton Candy track just proves that he's talented and can do alot of things and those things that he do, have huge great outcome! 

we ♥ you Daesung♥♥


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