fandom fanarts

I find fanarts cutely adorable, don't you think?? I myself don't have the ability of fanarting, or anything related to drawing.. the last time that I drew something was probably when I was in highschool when we were asked to draw something that represents ourselves, amazingly, we were as well told to let our classmates see what are drawing is! *blush*.. I just drew a bag coz that's the easiest thing I could draw T__T.. and  in college, I haven't made myself ashamed anymore since I'm lettin' other people do my drawing project instead.. and I just give 'em some cute stuff in return! that's how I suck in drawing.. T_T That's why I got some high appreciation to people who knows fanart, drawing, or any stuff related to lines, strokes, curves that are drawn dramatically!


*takes Daragon pill! wooot~*

ROFL on Seungri's dark circles..
aaaawwwww on Taeyang's smile..
WWOOWW on GDragon's colorful jacket..
eeeekkkk on Top's stare..
LOL on Daesung's huge laugh!

hands down to the fanart artist of this one!

my first fave fanart! I was first addicted to 2ne1 before
I got hooked to Bigbang FYI.. :P

and before I forget, lemme insert a speed painting vid of Taeyang boo~ I should nicely ask Santa to give me some Speed painting talents this year! tsk tsk tsk..

credits to:
                 bigbangupdates for some of the fanart pics,
                 kingbobbles for the vid
                 and google..


ill get GAGAbetes!

I had a taste of Daesung's Cotton Candy this morning, and I think i'll be having some major FANDOMbetes with this other sweet serving from our pop chef, Lady Gaga. I seriously don't know who baked these little cuties (my apologies for not researching!) .. but I applaud that someone for the effort of baking, taking a pic, and sharing it to all the other monsters. It just made my night delectable.. I think I need to brush my teeth before I get some GAGAvity and GAGAbetes.. *brush brush brush*

i think this one's the easiest to make!
just dump that red stuff over the whole cookie and leave the upper side and done!
mah favorite!

those frog eyes are adorable.. 
major cute, major hilar!

this one's like the grumpy cookie Gaga..
but i heart it though!

now my dream of becoming a baker becomes more interesting! if ill be able to bake, ill make Gaga cookies everyday and send some to Lady Gaga herself and to the other monsters! ambitious much?!! nah uh! Ill be a baker, someday, you'll see..

credits to: Facebooker

an eye candy COTTON CANDY

if Daesung is your ultimate eyecandy, then listen to his COTTON CANDY track.. this track was released just like that fast, and I tell you, it made all my twitter girls go insanely crazy.. We were having some countdowns, we were spazzing already even if it's still 10 minutes before the track release.. You should have followed me on twitter and join the crazy fun!

wacha think?? wacha think?? don't you find it sooo cute? it only takes one amazing straight guy to do a song like this and would not look soo gay! Seriously, it's true! I find Daesung manly yet sweet, gentle in this track!


After I downloaded it, I listened to it once, twice, ..., and then it just went to a musical loop (still listening to it while blogging (0.o) ). Now I'm excited for the MV (if there is! but I guess there's going to be one, unless they make 2 versions.. not sure!). What is it gonna be like?? 

 here's my thought: 
PINK! yes, I guess it will be full of pink stuffs. So Daesung's gonna be in a pink fantasy land, wearing a fabulous pink tuxedo with white tie that has cotton candy prints, and he's gonna be holding cotton candy and dramatically munches it during the whole track. He'll be walkin' in a park with pink trees, pink flowers, pink grasses, pink oranges (???)..okay, that's too much PINK! but he'll still walk in the park, with pink flowers.. then he'll meet his girl in a pink dress with a pink hat with white ribbon on it, and the cotton candy on her hand should as well be there.. They'll be touring sweetly on the whole pink place till they ride on a pink cloud, meeting pink birds, and if the MV people would read my blog, they should also have a pink unicorn that Daesung and the girl could ride on. Isn't that cute?? NO?? fine!

I know lots of you are as well waiting for the MV since we all find Cotton Candy cutely adorable (I don't know about the haters. bleh!)! We had seen Daesung do trot, he got very great voice, I do personally think he got the best vocals among the Bigbang members, he's funny that everytime you see him, you can't stop smiling or laughing. And now, this Cotton Candy track just proves that he's talented and can do alot of things and those things that he do, have huge great outcome! 

we ♥ you Daesung♥♥


get down and dirty with BIGBANG

I intensely wouldn't care right now if Santa would give me no more presents throughout my whole lifetime of existence because of how naughty I had gotten myself after seeing this video showing every inch of taeyang's sweat-dropping abs! and to the fangurl who uploaded this..drop me some emails so we can drool and scream together!

this truly melts my heart! for the little girl hugged by my knight-with-innocent-smile, better appreciate that one rare moment coz fangurls like me are drooling to death to be around taeyang's arms! btw, I sure do think that little girl would be happier if she's hugging Boss while I am hugging the master! *evil laugh*

would it be naughty to dream of being TOP's dance partner in this vid??! damn, this is one hot dance rehearsal! Top maybe the least best dancer among the 5, but he could surely pull off this one making all the fangirls with two left legs dance like a pro!

just when seungri's about to get into the chorus part, daesung cut out the music! bad Daesung! come here and I'll teach you a lesson


no blues with CNBlue

this post is not about Blue's Clues! and I am not up into givin' you clues about what this post is all about because I myself is sooo excited and I feel like spazzzing about the newest, hottest, GORGEOUSest (?) KPOP band craze in town.. *drumroll*  CNBlue..

don't they all look damn hot??

When I first heard of 'em, I was like, OKAY, I hate them coz they used blue instead of purple, yeah, they're bunch of cute guys (which I don't like in the first place because I always go for the machos and abs-ic idols eg. Taeyang)..

but then, every single bad and negative idea I got for them were all erased when I saw and heard 'em perform 'I'm A Loner'. I heart the music beat, I heart them performingI heart them teasing fans with their camera sexy moves (this is more of YongHwa's (the vocalist) doing!)

and seriously, I ♥ EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM!

if you haven't seen 'em perform, youtube 'em and i'll be bettin' my whole bunch of cents that you will love 'em. Just don't watch their perfs when you're not yet ready to go fandom crazy!

now, as a fangirl of a group, all of us do have our own favorites.. and here are mine.. *drumroll*

meet Mr. has-messy-yet-well-kept-tied-hair.. that's what I call him coz I'm not fond of memorizing Korean names coz they all sound and look the same.. (raise your hand if we have the same huge problem in life)..I love-at-first-sighted him because majorly of his messy-yet-well-kept-tied hair. If you compare all four of 'em, he's the only one with a hairstyle that is distinguishable aside from the other one with curly hair..and don't lie, he looks cute.. his face might just be common but his well-kept hair makes him extraordinary for me and because of that,  this Mr. has-messy-yet-well-kept-tied-hair should beware coz ill be his greatest fangirl stalker! rraawwrr!

next one is this guy who knows how to do some camera tease! if you don't get me, he's just someone who makes me jitter everytime I see him perform coz he knows how to tease everybody by just staring at the effin' damn camera.. if you see him perform, he steals your heart and soul makin' you fall for him deeply and intensely by just wavin' his hand, doin' that smirky smexy smile! oh good lord, help, im havin' some fandom attack..he's my most fave of the four, he do have that great face and great voice..

if you're still doubtful about my fandom choice, here's one of my favorite CNBlue perfs..

cool huh?! are you still CNBLUEified??

my personal CNBlue requests: 

  • Okay here, I have nothin' against them wearing formal, it's COOL, and they were even tagged by some others as Korea's Beatles. But I'm also lookin' forward seein' them wear casual clothes when they perform (who's with me?) coz they are just in their early 20's and I think they should be more on their youthness.. But again, I  have nothing against their tuxedos or whatever you call it! It's cool, and that they-should-wear-casual rant is just one of my innocent opinions..

  • the guy who camera teases fangirls should tease fangirls ALWAYS coz he does get us all with that! I've never had a crush on idols that are ABSless (im still not sure if he doesn't have abs coz I haven't seen him topless. I you have one topless pic of him, poke me! ) or petite  but this guy's different..♥♥

  • to Mr. has-messy-yet-well-kept-tied-hair, your well-kept hair and MYSTERIOUSness always remind me of Top, but you're the easy-to-be-tamed one coz Top will be and will surely be beastly! *evil laugh* Next time, I wanna see you without that well-kept hair, please do make me happy by letting your hair just flow in its NATURALest way. I haven't googled some pictures of you yet so I haven't seen you with your hair dropping at the back..please please please!

  • can you play an English song?? this is like every non-Korean fangirl's request. If you do one, all your fans will surely be rejoicing to finally hear a song from you that we all could understand! *crosses fingers*

  • please do come here in the Philippines.. CNBlue is now on my I-want-you-to-go-here-in-Phil list. And if you do come here, come straight to Cebu so I would not have my heart broken seein' all the Manila people rejoicing because of CNBlue's country arrival yet I'm stuck in a sea-away-from-Manila Cebu.. T___T.. I'd surely wanna see y'all in flesh, get a grab of all four of you, have my paper autographed, and stalking you and be your Cebuana paparazzi.. I'd love that! 
Being one of your 13000+ droolers/fangirls, expect me to be a CNBlue stalker, CNBlue-perfs downloader, CNBlue twitter trender (i know this'll happen SOON), and a humble CNBlue fangirl.

With CNBlue, it just proves I do have great taste! *evil laugh, evil laugh, evil laugh*


Last year till present SELF UPDATES

So what seriously happened to me after I created my last post about the bloody blood letters last 20th of December last year?? ALOT BUT NOTHING SERIOUSLY...

1. My family and I moved in to another place just near our former crib leaving us all kinda busy carrying all our stuffs from our ex-house to the present one.. I do love it here.. though it's 3 rides away from school compared to the former which is just one-ride far.. but still don't care, new year, new house, new beginning..

And as a result, I was internet-deprived for almost 6 days since we still need to have the internet people to transfer that cable thingie to our new place.. and yes, it took a long time, and look what happened to my dishes in Cafe World..
some of my dishes got spoiled T__T
and don't have any choice but to throw all 'em away!
waste of efforts, waste of bucks!

and I as well missed all the Gayo Daejun shows..

I missed GDragon's bowl cut hair which made me ROFLMAO the whole effin' time..
just to prove how hideous it was,
I seriously digged in into the imaginest imagination I got
and just thought this way~~ DARAGON..
they love each other much that they want to have the same hairstyle~

and I as well missed Taeyang and Bom's duet performance of You and I which is good coz it'll just surely make me JEALOUS.. but seriously, they just don't fit in together.. don't call me BIASED..it's the real thing for me!


Q: Don't you want Taeyang to have a collab with girls??
I  want Taeyang to be TANDEMNed if y'all are asking! Just to prove, I don't have any negative comments about Thelma and Taeyang's Fall In Love collab so I sure am not that biased and selfish! *evil laugh*

and I sooo missed CL's Heartbreaker cover and geeeez, she's seriously SMEXY HOTNESS ADORABLE GLAMOUR.. and because of that, the perf was the first thing I downloaded in HD that day.
Though many were like, she's not like GD, she don't have GD's energy, she haven't danced like GD on that perf, well here, CL and GD ain't the same.. and how could CL jump if she's wearing that whatever-inch heels?!! she did her best and still, she's the BADDEST FEMALE SEOUL CITY EVER HAD!

2. I've been addictively addicted to twitter..

Twitter's like getting 80% of my whole online time.. I got all my KPOP ladies and my Lady Gaga monsters tweeting and once I login, I got stuck the whole time, depriving me to blog..

and we also have alot of KPOP Trending Topic missions so tweetin' my heart out till I see our hashtags trending is seriously a tiring tweeting thing to do that needs so much time to do..
we made #KPOP trending.. 
and the effin' #nowplaying is blocking our way to the top!
I even reached my tweet limit just makin' #KPOP trending..
seriously, it's a hard thing to do and yes, IM PROUD!

3. and I just received from mail, just recently, a Bigbang album I won from an online contest, and yes, this is my first prized Bigbang possession.. Spare me, im just a 3-month old KPOP fan.. and no worries, ill be collecting more!

me~ me~ me~

prolly, ill be given the divine time to update my fandom blog..

Just let ..
..my schoolworks be gone,
..all the twitter TT missions be successful the earliest time possible, and
..all my kpop ladies and gaga monsters not tweet that much so the divine time for blogging will be granted~