Speechless Covers

It's GAGAful(??) to know that I ain't the only one lovin' Lady Gaga's SPEECHLESS track on her new Fame Monster album..

Yes.. you Lady Gaga haters are outnumbered.. you are all surrounded by us.. *OMO..peace out*

But anyway, just to show that I am not the only one that is Speechless-obsessed in the world of LG, here are some Speechless covers that I had tediously searched (if you think typing 'lady gaga speechless cover' on the search bar of the youtube page is tedious already, then yes, it's tedious) on youtube..

this is so far my top favorite.. very adorable tandem..

I like it that it's like she just got out from bed and since she's Speechless-obsessed, 
she decided to play Speechless on piano to start her day! heart her!

I forgive you for messin' up the lyrics (WALK instead of TALK) coz 
you did a great cover..

sweet rendition from a sweet-looking girl..

oooppsss..it's Speechless overload..

let me end this video spam with the Speechless original..

aren't you having goosebumps yet??

yah I know.. you love it too..

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