irese ♥ Pixie Lott


my fangirling to Pixie Lott is quite accidental..I was trying to search for some Lady Gaga covers and her Pokerface cover just popped out!

and I listened to it, and I liked it, then clicked a few of her MVs and covers, then typed her name on google, found out that she's British and that she's a year younger than me (she's 19! geeezzz! I even searched for some other resources just to confirm and yup, it's real! am feeling old! T_T), then I checked her site, laughed hard on the site's banner seein' pixie do some dorky stuff (even refreshed the page a few times coz they randomly change the banner gif!), followed her twitter fanpage --> @pixiesongs, searched for a gorgeous pic of her to post on this blog..

and then I became Pixie's few-moments old fan!

tag me to be shallow but IDC, i love her..she's gorgeous, talented, and damn the voice.. so cool!

you better google PIXIE LOTT now and see what she's got! 

leavin' off with her Apologize cover..

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