GD's shine a light concert PART1 review

I know I shouldn't be hyperventilating,
I know that I should focus on my studies first and not dream yet of going to Korea,
I know that Gdragon's cool already and I shouldn't overreact!

But why?? I'm having the symptoms of becoming a GDragon fan!

blame it all to his Shine A Light Concert!

who could ever think of makin' an entrance using a moving bathtub 
with a Superman background music?? only GDragon!

when I have my own concert, I wanna have gazillion of confetti's falling too!

what's up?? she's the baddest female Seoul city ever had!
doesn't she look hot?! oh man, the legs..! 
and the whole one-piece look is so Lady Gaga-ish! I like

our GD doin' his own thing.. 
notice the belt..so funky!

aa_chan's right! it's the cutest photo of the night!
feast your eyes Daragons with this butt-to-butt move!

I could hug Teddy Park's parents for giving us the
best rapper/composer in town!
and CL and Teddy look good together ait??

ill give GD a 5 for being able to hide his 5-inch mohawk using that hat!
and his dancers are all dorky! notice their faces! ROFL

that's how GD is to me..so flashy!

I'm happy for being not the only one who doesn't know
that GD could play the piano! 
I even thought at first it was Taeyang!

this just set the whole concert on hhhaawwwttt fire!
I got off my chair after seein' this!
and that's aimee lee lucas.. lucky girl eh??
and according to the concert goers, aimee and GD nailed it! 
oh damn...so sexy and hawt! 

and here's the fancam version of the intensely hhaawwtt Breathe perf..

Are yah up for more?? well yeah, there's more..
Stay tuned for part2!

credits to:
BB2NE1x3 for the bathtub+superman bg music fancam
angylvs for the fancam of the Breathe performance
aa_chan for the pics! as what I always say to you on twitter.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPOILING US!

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  1. this awesome, thank you for shareing this, I now feel like I was their and not left out, thank you ^_^