#gdragon went number1

if you're one of the thousand GD fangurls floodin' twitter homepages with #gdragon and #jiyongshowl , then you should give yourself a clap clap coz we just made #gdragon the number 1 Trending Topic last December 5

*releases confetti*

it wasn't an easy task..all TT mission cavaliers know that already! we spent a handful of hours postin' tweets with those hashtags and refreshin' the page seein' if it made on the TT list..but all thanks to all the VIPs and of course to our Fearless leader--> koreanpopaddict for startin' the whole TT mission!

#gdragon stayed at number 2 spot for quite some time..

and yeah baby, he made it to number1..
good thing I screencapped it before it went back to the 2nd spot..

to all the VIPs and fangurls worldwide, we deserve some GD treat ait?? I'm hungry for one!

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