Blood Letters

BLOOD LETTERS are now trending!
yes, seriously!

it all started with the fan who used her period blood for fangirling Taec and that just provoked other fangirls who were thinking of doin' the same thing yet not that sure if they'd continue this insane act..

I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter
Ok Taecyeon, You cannot live without me
Sprinkled with a few strands of my pubes

and another fangirl just went, "hey, I can slash my wrist too if that girl just used some pubes and period blood to write her letter to Taec" *slices wrist*
and just today, I've read this article from allkpop about this fangirl makin' her move and this time, it's Gdragon and Taeyang as her sole targets! *faints*

for sure this fangirl already have lots of blood leaks.. 
don't scar yourself! it's not worth it! really!

this just made me not want to eat apples in my 
whole entirety of existence! 
As a fellow kpop fangirl, I don't want to experience blood sheds in the society of fangirlism. That is just so insane! You could express your kpop-idol love in so many gazillion ways! you could record a video of yourself and upload it in youtube showing your intense feelings about your idol (but restrain from uploading a tutorial on how to slice your wrist properly! okay!?) , or just even perhaps send some gifts your kpop idol will like (no blood letters this time por favor!)..

Can't we just be more civilized and fangirl our idols without even hurting ourselves??!!  It's not worth it!

No matter how much you adore and praise your kpop idol, or no matter how much you see these people as someone you want to die for, learn to love yourself first coz seriously, there's more to life than fangirling!
I know fangirlism is major but gettin' a good life with no blood sheds is major-er!

Please, just stop this bloody act! Don't kill yourself!

and do you think these kpop idols are immensely happy about this whole act?? NNOO~

I believe they're now scared of their own lives that they just asked their managers to add additional bodyguards to secure their security from you! You don't want that don't you??

and I don't want to see these blood letters anymore! I may not be in the right position to request this from my other kpop fangirls but just in behalf of the others, please, stop this! I don't wanna see another fangirl who might get her kidney out from her system, slid it in a box with a fangirl letter and have it delivered to her kpop idol! NOOO~


my new Pixie Lott-inspired hand gesture!

and I'm followin' this..the 2nd step to Pixie Lott fandom! RROOFFLL..I'm seriously lovin' her!

LOL..you're doin' it as well! let's do it together! haha

irese ♥ Pixie Lott


my fangirling to Pixie Lott is quite accidental..I was trying to search for some Lady Gaga covers and her Pokerface cover just popped out!

and I listened to it, and I liked it, then clicked a few of her MVs and covers, then typed her name on google, found out that she's British and that she's a year younger than me (she's 19! geeezzz! I even searched for some other resources just to confirm and yup, it's real! am feeling old! T_T), then I checked her site, laughed hard on the site's banner seein' pixie do some dorky stuff (even refreshed the page a few times coz they randomly change the banner gif!), followed her twitter fanpage --> @pixiesongs, searched for a gorgeous pic of her to post on this blog..

and then I became Pixie's few-moments old fan!

tag me to be shallow but IDC, i love her..she's gorgeous, talented, and damn the voice.. so cool!

you better google PIXIE LOTT now and see what she's got! 

leavin' off with her Apologize cover..


GD's shine a light concert PART1 review

I know I shouldn't be hyperventilating,
I know that I should focus on my studies first and not dream yet of going to Korea,
I know that Gdragon's cool already and I shouldn't overreact!

But why?? I'm having the symptoms of becoming a GDragon fan!

blame it all to his Shine A Light Concert!

who could ever think of makin' an entrance using a moving bathtub 
with a Superman background music?? only GDragon!

when I have my own concert, I wanna have gazillion of confetti's falling too!

what's up?? she's the baddest female Seoul city ever had!
doesn't she look hot?! oh man, the legs..! 
and the whole one-piece look is so Lady Gaga-ish! I like

our GD doin' his own thing.. 
notice the belt..so funky!

aa_chan's right! it's the cutest photo of the night!
feast your eyes Daragons with this butt-to-butt move!

I could hug Teddy Park's parents for giving us the
best rapper/composer in town!
and CL and Teddy look good together ait??

ill give GD a 5 for being able to hide his 5-inch mohawk using that hat!
and his dancers are all dorky! notice their faces! ROFL

that's how GD is to me..so flashy!

I'm happy for being not the only one who doesn't know
that GD could play the piano! 
I even thought at first it was Taeyang!

this just set the whole concert on hhhaawwwttt fire!
I got off my chair after seein' this!
and that's aimee lee lucas.. lucky girl eh??
and according to the concert goers, aimee and GD nailed it! 
oh damn...so sexy and hawt! 

and here's the fancam version of the intensely hhaawwtt Breathe perf..

Are yah up for more?? well yeah, there's more..
Stay tuned for part2!

credits to:
BB2NE1x3 for the bathtub+superman bg music fancam
angylvs for the fancam of the Breathe performance
aa_chan for the pics! as what I always say to you on twitter.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPOILING US!

for more GD Shine A Light concert pics, click here

#gdragon went number1

if you're one of the thousand GD fangurls floodin' twitter homepages with #gdragon and #jiyongshowl , then you should give yourself a clap clap coz we just made #gdragon the number 1 Trending Topic last December 5

*releases confetti*

it wasn't an easy task..all TT mission cavaliers know that already! we spent a handful of hours postin' tweets with those hashtags and refreshin' the page seein' if it made on the TT list..but all thanks to all the VIPs and of course to our Fearless leader--> koreanpopaddict for startin' the whole TT mission!

#gdragon stayed at number 2 spot for quite some time..

and yeah baby, he made it to number1..
good thing I screencapped it before it went back to the 2nd spot..

to all the VIPs and fangurls worldwide, we deserve some GD treat ait?? I'm hungry for one!


Speechless Covers

It's GAGAful(??) to know that I ain't the only one lovin' Lady Gaga's SPEECHLESS track on her new Fame Monster album..

Yes.. you Lady Gaga haters are outnumbered.. you are all surrounded by us.. *OMO..peace out*

But anyway, just to show that I am not the only one that is Speechless-obsessed in the world of LG, here are some Speechless covers that I had tediously searched (if you think typing 'lady gaga speechless cover' on the search bar of the youtube page is tedious already, then yes, it's tedious) on youtube..

this is so far my top favorite.. very adorable tandem..

I like it that it's like she just got out from bed and since she's Speechless-obsessed, 
she decided to play Speechless on piano to start her day! heart her!

I forgive you for messin' up the lyrics (WALK instead of TALK) coz 
you did a great cover..

sweet rendition from a sweet-looking girl..

oooppsss..it's Speechless overload..

let me end this video spam with the Speechless original..

aren't you having goosebumps yet??

yah I know.. you love it too..