credits to alwaystaeyang for sharing this vid

and let's start..

geeee..he's playing the piano.. what more could I ask for?? his abs perhaps!

could that lips be even more kissable??

oh yah...those lips are distracting!

yah yah yah.. me too.. I hate it!

why are you so fond of going to dark places young bae??

it's the battle of the suns! for sure our planet sun is covering its sight as well

for the second time, YES, I hate it!

there he goes, he's gonna dance.. go youngbae...

can't take not to screencap this. The church is just so wonderful

what kind of woman could ever hurt our youngbae? She should be thrown into a lion's pit

AS THE OLD SONG GOES: Smile though your heart is aching!

oh oh..the ♥ aches again!

we know your heart's shattered but we are here youngbae! your VIPs!
willing not to break your heart ever!

you can all scream.. I'm sooo jealous too!

one example of how crucial a second could be..

I'll surely wear that ring even if it wouldn't fit my chubby little fingers..

thanks for viewing....

here's the last two I downloaded from ygbigbang.

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