Taeyang Adoration Level Up

I am an amateur poet.. or should I even call myself one? Poets love makin' poems but I don't.. so I'll just tag myself as an amateur not-so-poetic Taeyang fan..

Leveling Up my Taeyang Adoration is quite hard but fun in the process.. this started when we were given the assignment of makin' our own poems with anything and everything you could ever think of as your main subject.. and as a fan injected with Taeyang-ecstasy, how could I say NO to the thought of makin' my own youngbae my prospect for abuse to be my subject in my poem..

And to grant my Taeyang obsession and appreciation a little bit more, I decided a few seconds after I finished my 4-stanza poem to turn it into a poem-video-clip..

Before you hit the play button..
  • Please consider the fact that this is my FIRST time, FIRST FIRST FIRST time to make a fandom poem or a simple poem in my entire time of earthly existence. So please don't flood me with hate comments saying that my poem sucks because I know that already even before I made it! 
  • And my narration is out of hand as well.. My voice is even like I've been in nasal torture a few hours before I made it. I have colds that time and this time so my deep apologies for the hideous narration..

PS.. to all my online friends, after viewing the vid, please don't unfollow me on twitter, or disband yourself from viewing my blog, or click that 'remove friend' button on fb. I'm just a victim of Taeyang circumstance.. Even if I suck at this kind of expression, makin' poems and turning it into a video clip, I still am the same old online friend you've met way before you played that clip! Thanks for viewin' anyway.. feel free to drop some not-so-harsh comments.. consider my amateur-ity!

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