our assassin TOP's action-tweetin' birthday

give me time to breathe first ....

okay.. here it goes...

so our TOP aka Sex god (can't believe I'm using this term!) is turning a year older now eh?? And his age is just directly proportional to how sexy-lookin' his I-don't-have-conscience stare is. I wouldn't even mind if he kills me right now..I'll die sweetly! Personally, I hate assassins because they make the world more chaotic but TOP is the perfect exception! He's been the one and only assassin next to Mr. Smith that I'm lovin' to death! I don't care if he carries guns that could possibly and surely hurt me! He's already a killer with just his killer stare!

Now on our assassin's special birthday I want to address to him some of my concerns and rants that I've been makin' and creatin' in the past few days makin' me think that he already assassinated my sanity and it will never be given back to me

hey TOP aka Sex god....

1. tell me where your parents are..I'll thank them for a Zeus-ful creation!

2. I'm tryin' my best to be a nice girl in order for Santa Claus to let me have you as my human present!He's on his way to get you

3. because of you..I have a lot more of admiration for Korean guys speakin' English with utter perfection! Even a one-word english sentence from you makes me jump off my seat!

4. the kiss you made with Lee Hyori makes me so annoyed that I don't want Lee Hyori to ever lay her lips on yours again! And if I'm Lee Hyori after that scandalous kiss, I'll be meltin' and won't recover anymore! She's a tough girl bein' able to handle herself after receivin' a kiss from you! U-Go-Girl

5. and your stare..it's a good thing you covered your other eye with your emo-ish hair because if not, your stare will surely make me blind! you have a unique stare the makes fangurls drool!

all these poke-TOP-on-his-birthday rants I was able to express in the KPOP-TWITTER addicts' mission today-->the not-so-top-secret make #happybdaytop a Trending Topic in twitter

snapshot of my twitter page filled with the #happybdaytop spam! I'm not even followin' instructions when they told me that there should only be one #happybdaytop per tweet..

and fortunately..after thinking that we may not be able to do it..

this is one of the BIGBANGillion reasons why I super love the VIPs, they rock and make every other fan groups drool!

and for the last time, #happybdaytop

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