UNDERSTATEMENT: "I hate action dramas coz they're too bloody"
..but of course, IRIS is an exception"

for those who aren't updated with the kdrama scene, IRIS is a 2009 korean drama that holds the title of being the most expensive Korean drama to date with a budget of about 20 billion Wons (don't know how big that is coz I hate monetary conversion but I guess that's huge). It's an action-spy drama revolving around Hyeong-jun, a NSS (National Security System) agent who fell in love with his fellow agent, Seung-hee. It's not only about their love for each other that is tackled here but as well as Hyeong-jun's mysterious identity about him and his family. Just by running the first few episodes makes me tell that his past plays a great role in the plot of the drama.

If you didn't get what I'm talkin' about, just hit the play button on this vid

Some of the many splendid reasons why I'm lovin' IRIS to death:
1. the lead guy..Hyeong-jun..is HHAAWWTT!
I can hear the abs whisper.."Stare while you still can"

2. TOP, rapper man, Sex God, whatever you call him..is in the house as your assassin with a well-kept hair makin' him even hotter and madder!

oh TOP, you're my ♥sweetest death

3. Our Bigbang TOP's acting is also skyrocketin' ! Here's a sneak on how sexy he is when he's fighting the other bad guys..so manly..and even if he's one bad guy, I'd still be on his side

4. the Hallelujah soundtrack..I love it during the 1st second of the song when somebody shouted "IRIS". It's like they're callin' me (my second name is IRESE. I just hate it when my parents spelled it that way! lol)..such music to the ears..an oh BTW, YoungBae's voice is flawless on this one..and GD & TOP's rap, still rappin'! rawr!

5. I have sources and links that keep on spoilin me..I wanna share it with y'all

○ if you want high-def video and you're patient enough to wait for about 3-4 hours for a download of a 1-hour IRIS episode, then grab the episodes using megaupload. BTW..you can only have one download at a time so patience is a lot needed in here but I tell you, the downloads are worth the wait.

○ if you're really itching to watch IRIS right at this very moment, fan this fanpage of James Yim. I don't know him personally, a friend of mine just sent me his fanpage link but whoever you are James Yim, THANK YOU SO MUCH! and BTW, I love your side comments~lol! You're already destined to have this mission-->to upload IRIS episodes and sub it for us non-Korean IRIS followers! DEEPEST THANKS TO YOU! You're heaven-sent~

If you're not hooked yet, then you should be! the IRIS madness will surely make you the target! hit that download and play button now! xoxo

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  1. u forgot to say that Vick is already taken!!!!! =_=