oh boy..GDragon

so his A Boy mv is out..I've been waiting for this for a long time though I'm not a true-blooded GDragon fan.

1. the music video is soooo 3D..I'm seeing a lot of red, gold, silver and green apples shatterin' and then put back all over the place. And those weird-lookin' robots are all doin' their own robotic routines.
2. the 3D baby and the golden poison-mask scarred me a bit but I managed myself well not to be scarred anymore! No worries now!
3. I noticed his look (not with the golden curls of course) on his 2nd 'A Boy' Inkigayo performance seems to be a clue to his look on this mv. That's cool. I'm so analytic this days and observant as well! *self-appreciation*
4. GDragon's falsetto is really fantastic! Never heard of a rapper doin' falsetto in my whole life. Or maybe I've heard a rapper singin' falsetto already but I never get to notice him! oh boy..that's fine
5. Overall, I'm giving the vid a 6. I'm sorry but I'm not that generous right now! But I'm giving the song alone a 9 coz it's funky yet sad in some weird manner! Here you go, you rate it and let's compare the numbers.

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