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 Lady Gaga is Bad Romance

this post has been postponed for like about two days now since lots of things are dragging me away from finishin' this but I just got the chance to give in into my Lady Gaga overdose (which happens frequently)..

She already had been a lady wakin' up drunk people and dancing with 'em eventually with her Just Dance mv, then became so innocent-looking with that long Barbie-like blonde hair and blue one-piece on her Pokerface, revengeful with the yellow Mickey Mouse-inspired look paired with that black lipstick on Paparazzi. This time with Bad Romance, it gives me the feel of her being transported here to the present using a Lady Gaga-ish time machine and was missioned to give us people a glimpse of what our future is in the year 3009. If my thoughts are correct, dammit, I love bein' in the future!

The MV literally made me so speechless for about a minute or two after seein' it for the first time. I've heard about Bad Romance way back before the MV was released and I was having this thought at the back of my head that the MV might be something dramatic, with Lady Gaga as Juliet and a muscle-ic handsome guy to be Romeo or something or anything like that  but NNNOOOO... I was basically not prepared for it..

first scene of the MV 

It's the same with the other past MVs if we talk about obscenity but this time, its obscenity is at a very luxurious and glorious level. There's no lip sucking like in Paparazzi, or some close-to-intimate moments of girls like in Pokerface. It's more of like Lady Gaga kidnapped by white-clothed people and was placed on bid to hunky men. There weren't even sex-like actions on it but I tell you, Lady Gaga was so damn sexy and even if she's just there doin' nothing, she's so obscene. She's makin' me gay...well minus that scene where she has like this super-visible-at-the-back spine.. I wasn't able to take that but I screencaped it for you..

 and oh..there's also this hideous-looking cat that I think was tortured to death by pluckin' all its fur and soakin' its body on a very hot boiling water with so much salt.

I'm sorry dear little cat but I cant even take to look at you

and lastly for the hideous parts, another scary and post-Halloween scene I laughed at after seein'.. ROFL

too bad Lady Gaga has to burn that bed too..


and you know what else I heart about Lady Gaga aside from the fact that I heart how she made me not hate her no matter what she does or wear?? her fierce and glamour-overload fashion sense.. damn those heels, eyes, and white coat with polar-bear-head tail..

now I'm likin' Alexander McQueen

how did they make those eyes so big??

another it's-wearable-so-it's-an-outfit outfit

lucky you polar bear to be worn by the Goddess of Pop

there's more...

reminds me of Britney Spear's Toxic MV costume but this one's cooler

you're the best diamond ever found Lady Gaga! no doubt!

oh.. this is my most fave of 'em all! Even written a blogpost about this 
metallic-circles outfit

another killer Alexander McQueen!

to Lady Gaga, you just don't know how much I adore and heart you, I guess you're one hell of a devil sent down from heaven to make us all pray to have you more.. like seeing you everyday, listenin' to your songs every single moment of our lives. I don't care if you're a Hermaphrodite or whatever, you make good music and you wear outfits that I never thought are wearable by human in your most glamorous way and I hail you for that Lady Gaga.. I heart you!

for me, you're worth more than this...

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