the DARA TT mission plan thru TweetDeck

○ do you have multiple twitter accounts?
○ always present if there's a TT mission happening in the whole KPOP-TWITTER scene
○ wants to make #happybdaydara a Trending Topic in any way possible

if you've checked all of 'em or just the 1st and 3rd one, then you need to install TWEETDECK if you still wasn't able to do so! This is one important key in makin' #happybdaydara trending.

TRENDING TOPIC point: What matters most would be the number of people tweeting and not the number of tweets

With this note, your multiple twitter accounts will be of much help!

behold the power of TWEETDECK  in makin' this mission possible. Here's how..

1. You need to install TWEETDECK . This will only take few minutes.
2. Do all the necessary registration process inorder to keep your tweetdeck workin'
3.Now if you're already on your personal tweetdeck browser, click on 'compose update' button

this would show the drop-down 'update status' box

4. click on the [+] sign button beside your twitter username

5.from this tweetdeck settings tab, select Accounts tab

6.Click the 'Add New Account' button for you to be able to add your extra twitter account/s on tweetdeck.

7.if you're successful in adding your twitter accounts, you'll then be seeing your twitter usernames above your update box. You can enable or disable these usernames by clickin' on them. If you'll enable them 'all, then your tweets will be posted on all your twitter accounts in no time.

If you'll be able to install Tweetdeck and use it as a helpful tool during the Nov12 Dara TT project, then it wouldn't be hard for us to make #happybdaydara a TT. Enable all your twitter usernames and include the #happybdaydara hashtag on your tweets on Nov12!

Let's make this happen and give Dara her deserve TWEETerin' birthday! xoxo

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