Bigbang loves cuddling cute little adorable pets

and the title says it all..Bigbang loves cuddling cute little adorable pets.. saw this vid on youtube about them goin' in PET CITY(I can't understand a single jap or korean word so guessing this is the name of the petshop since it's the only english word I saw all throughout). Seeing them cuddle those cute mushy pets are just so heartmelting! aaawwww!

and ofcourse I can't help but screencap some of those so puppy-bigbang-love moments of our idols..here's a few

ooohhh...there's just taeyang-loves-puppies hearts floatin' in the air

I guess that pup just suddenly fell in love with our heartbreaker

who among you wished to be that cute little puppy on taeyang's strong shoulder?? 
*right hand raised*

SR's like seeing that white little puppy as a toy..he's playin' with it! lol

I think that cat hates your messy hair Dae but we still ♥ you!

oh..the assassin daddy would of course have a big heart for pups

a closer intimate look! oh man...this is just so ADORABLE!!

are they gonna make those pups friends or are our BB boys
gonna make them fight??raawwwrr

oh man..that jawline is so distracting! lol

Taeyang's surely gonna be one good daddy in the future..
and Seungri, please own now a pup..that would be so mushy to see!

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