Beyonce VS. Dara

who wore  MADEMOISELLE YULIA 's big T-shirt best?? 

T-shirt was worn by Dara on SBS Big Idol Show Chuseok Special 
for 2ne1's Let's Go Party performance

worn by Beyonce on her Videophone MV 

@emblazedParadox's point of view:
I'll place my chips on DARA.

oh c'mon, I would prefer Beyonce wearin' a two-piece bikini showin' off her voluptuous booty and boobs than seein' her with the shirt makin' her look like a 16-yo teenager too old for her age. With Beyonce's sexy and fierce image, I don't think it fits her best. Good thing she only showed the outfit on the MV for less than 10 seconds. Good thing she decided to stick to her ordinary yet sexy-to-the-eyes one-piece paired with her killer heels. And lastly, good thing I still heart her no matter what she's wearing just as much as I love Lady Gaga and her mad outfits. And speakin' of Lady Gaga, the mad vocals are just goin' insanely mad! Another good thing is to see Lady Gaga and Beyonce in one video..oh, that would be two.. Lady Gaga's Telephone is AGAIN, gonna surprise us!

and to our Dara, you deserve the crown of being the perfect model for that shirt. The playfulness of the outfit fits you best plus that cool big blue headband you were wearing makes the shirt look funkier. You and the rest of the 2ne1 sweeties really do WOW me with your fashion dorkiness.

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