Am I pissed??

Am I pissed??



I was uploading this new header pic that I had created during the 1st day of my sembreak on this blog that I haven't uploaded till today. When I clicked the 'view blog' button, it sent me to another tab seeing this dreadful sight--> pure white background blog that had my posts and widgets! I just thought it might be because of the loading process but my index finger just got swollen after I clicked the refresh button gazillion times. This drove me teary-eyed and set me to panic mode.

It's so hard to accept that the not-one-of-the-default-blogspot-templates template that I had used not so long ago had just disappeared in that snap without even a so short notice! I had visited more or less 50 webpages just to find that blog template treasure and now it's gone! It's even too tiring to look for that lost blog template and if ever I'll find it and use it back,I might need to re-add some of the widgets and trust me, I surely believe that that's more tedious! *sigh*

now I'm stuck with this one-of-the-default-blogspot-templates template and honestly, I'm teary-eyed! T_____________________________T

it seems that the header pic is finally making its move..the whole blog template glitch may be the 'ethileen irese' effect..and this new template result might be the aftermath..now I'm doubtful if I need to keep the header pic or not!

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