Taeyang Obsession Journey, thanks to....

ok so I'll be makin' this very short...

I wanna thank all those who had been with me during my TAEYANG OBSESSION JOURNEY:

1. the alwaystaeyang pipol who had posted the livestream tutorial and who had been with me today accompanying me with the help of the site's online chatroll..It was really fun chattin' with you guys! And I know lots of you screamed your lungs out during Taeyang's perf ..it's obvious in your chat posts!haha! Hope we can do that again! It was just amazin'!  And Happy Anniversary by the way, such a nice present from Taeyang for today's site anniversary! Go team Taeyang!

2. El Parac and Dean Rusiana who had been with me during the wee hours of waiting for Inkigayo! thank God for facebook !haha! Nothing can stop the kpop invasion here in the Philippines and here in CIT! Wishin' to create a kpop fan group in CIT! watch out! gonna make that come true but I'm still gonna convert myself first to be a hardcore, true-blue and true-purple kpop addict since I'm still just a 2ne1 and bigbang fan! Needs lot of effort to be one!

3. to my mother who had cooked spaghetti,making me not hungry anymore during my Taeyang Obsession Journey! thanks ma!

4. of course, I need to thank myself for wakin' up as early as 8am just for me not to be late in watchin' a 3pm korean show! Also, for my patience and ability to think of ways just to make myself not bored and sleepy during the long wait! Hooray for that brilliant and gorgeous mind of mine :P !  Internet is a modern gift from heaven and that's proven! haha

5.and how can I not say my sweetest thank you to the man of the day...Taeyang for givin' that mad and rockin' show! You had proven that you're not just a man, but a god..a god with a hot abs...You should have just fully taken that shirt off! *wink*wink* Now you're giving us suspense and excitement for your full upcoming album! yaay! can't wait!

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