Lady Gaga evolution

It seems that for a short time since Lady Gaga first released her first album The Fame, she already gained so much popularity and awards that just brought her to the exaggeration of the limelight! Well I think what brought her to that are her peculiar fashion sense, 5-star rating music videos, cutesy sense of humor and of course her creativity and musicality that paved her the road to the gigantic success. From writing for artists like Fergie and the Pussycat Dolls, she had turned herself into writing songs now for herself making labels not only in music but in fashion as well. <---okay, INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!

What I'm really trying to express are these pictures that reflect how Lady Gaga's career evolved dramatically.

See these pictures for yourselves..

          1st phase: the rings on Lady Gaga's head... I thought this was the most peculiar costume property she had ever worn but look below after this picture..

2nd phase: now covering her upper body..this was really amazing during her performance in Saturday Night Live.. the twirling  and circling of all these rings...just so cool! but wait, there's more..

3rd phase: her cover for the Monster Ball tour ad shocked me when she posed with a more grandiose version of these rings.. just unbelievable yet I'm lovin' it!

with this ring evolution, I will not be surprised if I see Lady Gaga perform with herself  literally inside these rings with her feet not touching the ground! lol

Knowing Lady Gaga, you just can't predict everything! This is just one of the billion reasons why I super duper heart her!

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