idol picture spam

the real Hello Kitty! it's only Lady Gaga who could make me love something I hate..
I could probably ask her to wear insects and ghosts gowns for real!

no shades could take that eyes! can't tie that red ribbon on an old oak tree!
I seriously do wonder how they made it soo big! really bigggg!

karate 101

of course I will after seein' y'all SMILE *melting*
I think they need to spell out my name now..
im a certified VIP.. and forever will be.. aaawwww

can Mystique also mimic herself?? She's my fav mutant of 'em all
i, for some weird reason, love villains..
they just make the world go evil round! *evil laugh*

cool stylish earrings worn by 2ne1! Love that mr. bean and monroe earrings! so flashy!

take that shirt off! take that shirt off!
the veins.. aaawwww!

and who asked them to pose for a picture after wakin' up?? huh?? who??
Dara looks weird with that furry fur,
Minzy do look normal..seems that nothing has been changed,
Bom looks cute even without dark eyelines..

ooohhh...seems that David Cook and Taeyang both have soft spots for puppies!this is the reason why I wanna be a mutant that can transform into different forms of animals.. puppy powerrrrr! yaay!

 you should hear her sing,
you should see her dance..
she's great, she's lovely, she's PIXIE!

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