Bigbang Fan in the Making

Ok, so for people readin' my older posts, y'all know that I'm a big, gigantic and addicted Taeyang fan and not really that crazy over Bigbang but I do support them in my own little ways. It's just really about my Taeyang I'm crazy about. But in these past few days, I've been searchin' for some Bigbang videos and articles that I find somehow interestin'. If I'm gonna rank the Bigbang members accordin' to my taste and FAN-ness, it would be in this order-->Taeyang, Daesung, Top, Gdragon, Seungri

Taeyang-->I am just mesmerized by his hot abs and mad vocals. I'm more with this type of guy! so smexy!
Daesung-->his jerkiness and quirkiness just makes me smile all day! I also find his voice very amazing! He's got huge vocals! Really huge! A solo single or even a solo album showcasing his voice will be somethin' great! Hope YG is listenin'! *wink*
Top-->his mysterious-guy effect makes me all curious about him! he's dorky and quirky too!
GDragon-->just because he is Taeyang's bestfriend and I'm a big fan of Daragon! yohoo!

before, I'm no GDragon fan but with this video, it just makes me one!

this is actually the first time that I'm lovin' GD so much. The melodic song and the fantasy-inspired scenes are just breathtakin' and it was just perfect! This is even not your normal GD that you see rappin' the whole song! GD here is calm and of course...animated >.< !I could actually make this MV my lullaby everytime I go to sleep!haha

And this Sunday is I think gonna be the 'Gdragon and Taeyang Day' since these two big bangs will be performing on Inkigayo and that will really be a big surprise! Hope alwaystaeyang could nail that live streaming of Inkigayo! I'm preparin' myself and sked for that! Can't wait!

Go team Taeyang! Go team GD! Go team Daragon!haha!

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